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Gloria Estefan Wrapped Lyrics

Last updated: 08/21/2013 07:14:20 AM

I keep every tear like an ocean
For every day that my fortune
Kept me from being with you
I cradle your faith that reveals me
Grows like a flower then heals me
Fills me with promise anew

I carry your worn disillusion
When my pathetic confusion
Kept me from speaking the truth
I'm simply a coin in your fountain
Lost like the seconds I'm counting
Till I am closer to you

(Chorus A)
I cherish every morning that found us
With the night scattered around us
Faded and painting me blue
I carry your joy in my footsteps
Making my way to your harbor
Don't need to go any farther
You are my sun and my moon

(Chorus B)
Wrapped in your arms where it's peaceful
Back in your arms where I'm happy
I would do anything gladly
Only to see you again

(Chorus C)
Wrapped in your arms I can wander
Out to the heavens above me
Hearing you say that you love me
Back in your arms where I'm free

I keep every phrase barely spoken
That from your lips may have broken free
As you give me your love
My yearning is constant and steady
When I'm with you I'm already
Everything I can become

(Repeat chorus A,B & C)

(Repeat chorus B & C)

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For the greater love | Reviewer: Onyekachi Nnakenyi | 8/21/13

I feel contented each time I spare listening to this great song. This song is the best that joins two hearts together forever. My heart is open for the greater love am yet to experience +2347063773536

Great song | Reviewer: Franklin-J | 4/21/13

Each time i listen to the song, I feel Elegance my best friend so close to me. I love her so much. Its a great and touching song. God bless you Gloria and gives you more inspiration.

Endlessly wrapped | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/13

Words can not totally express how i feel each time i listen to this song. Kudos goria and more grease to your elbow as you wrapp so many souls with your lovely gifted voice and lovely worded songs like this. To all those who have found true endless love, i dedicate this song to you. Kisses gloria and thank God for making us bebeficiaries of this beauty of a song. :*

Hansi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/12

One of the best love songs i've ever heard. I can't help remembering my bf whenver I listen its beautiful, meaningful and emotional lyrics. He and I share a very strong relationship. I have been his whole world since I said that I love him. This song is exactly what I think of him. I feel him when I hear this song. So thank u Gloria. I love this song.

melting heart | Reviewer: Ijay | 5/18/12

My boyfriend wuz d first person dat sang this song 2 me...I fell in love with it nd sincerely it touches me everytime I hear it..I'v neva felt dat way b4!..Its so powerful..
I love d song nd I love him too

From a lover who wants to stay wrapped | Reviewer: Ku | 5/9/12

It's amazing the way you have succeeded in capturing the emotions of a heart of a true lover.I got wrapped up very badly in your song, a soul lost in the wilderness woke up after having those exact thoughts in her mind.I miss my lover so badly...and the love we shared....
Hope he sees this comment :)

'wrapped' is the boom | Reviewer: Franklyn | 11/10/11

Gloria,your song has realy imparted my life a gr8 deal. The very first time I heard the song i fell in love wit it. Without knowing the right lyrics, I sang along. Keep the flag flying high. Good bless you

Its been amazing with us | Reviewer: Chemmy and chuka | 3/9/11

Gloria, God bless you real good. I never blived i could be moved like this. My financee brought the cd home and each time he listens to this he will smiles and wondered why? I got the track and i was like, God bless you Gloria.

Its awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/11

I never i can be moved like this. Estefen had done a good job. I saw the video first in my financee place and anytime he listens to this,he will smiles,i wondered why and i picked interest and got the lyric,i have feeling good. God bless you Estefen. Chemmy and chuka

crazily in love wit this song | Reviewer: richiezoba | 7/13/10

I've bn hearing of gloria bt it didn't entice me.Wen i heard the song_wrapped, i waz so much emotional about it.b/4 i knew it, it became my 24 hours desire to listen at it again and again and again.It brought me to the door step of estafan.I luv the song very much and as wel the singer.i'm crazily in love with you gloria.

Jowana & Milos | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/07

This is beautiful song that reminds me of one special boy and days spend with him...... I ADORE THIS SONG!!!
P.S. I hope that he will read this........
P.P.S. Thank you, Gloria!!!

woo i feel wrapped | Reviewer: martins | 7/30/07

i like this song and it's the best from gloria it makes me feel like iam just near my fieance and i really love its beat and video it is emotional i love gloria's music god bless you

Nice | Reviewer: lg | 7/13/07

When my son was born this son was playing like crazy on the radio. Every time I hear it his new born face comes to mind. I get very emotional when I remember that day. Thanks Gloria, great song.

im amazed | Reviewer: sika | 5/13/07

I loveeee Gloria lol amazing song I LOVE THE MUSIC!! just carried me away, I can't stop dancing whenever I listen to this song omg it's really great I just wana listen to it all the timee.. i luv this kind of music that makes u shake it ;)

Me likey | Reviewer: Ira | 3/1/05

This song is awesome, it's very powerful. It just stays in your head. The video is great too, it's filmed in Machu Pichu, Peru which is where Gloria says she got some of the influences to the song. One of my very favorite Gloria songs definitely.