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The Wounded never has been a band that chose the easiest
way to create their intense and emotional music. They never
chose the easy way to just please listeners who became fan
of their unique sound, style and philosophical lyrics. From
their debut "The Art of Grief" (2000) and the second album
"Monument" (2002) until the last chapter "Atlantic" (2004)
they've developed into a group of honest musicians who were
never interested in making marketing a part of their
musical concept. Only an instrument to express and share
their feelings. More...

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Submit Wounded New Lyrics

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Awesome song | Reviewer: Diego
    ------ About the song Your Roses Will Burn performed by Wounded

This means so much for me. It is about you being controlled vy sone persons, and you just send them to hell.
Just like social classes or business or any kind of organization.
The Wounded rules! "or ruled"

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