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Alice In Chains Would? Lyrics

Last updated: 08/07/2014 04:56:21 PM

Know me broken by my master,
Teach thee a child, love hereafter,

Into the flood again,
Same old trip it was back then,
So I made a big mistake,
Try to see it once my way.

Drifting body, its sole exertion.
Flying, not yet quite the notion.

Into the flood again,
Same old trip it was back then,
So I made a big mistake,
Try to see it once my way.

Into the flood again,
Same old trip it was back then,
So I made a big mistake,
Try to see it once my way.

Am I wrong?
Have I run too far to get home
Have I gone?
left you here alone

Am I wrong?
Have I run too far to get home, yeah
Have I gone?
left you here alone

If I would, could you?

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Great song | Reviewer: Steve | 8/7/14

Great top rocking song, turn it up, put on bass boost and listen to Mike Starr's pounding bass link fantastically with Layne Staley's harrowing vocals....perfection!

Grunge Era. | Reviewer: Black Star | 8/27/13

The 'Grunge Era' brought to me , a far more accurate feeling and aggressive way of expression, that no other scene could provide.
Would' made a heart out of a memory that any one NOT listening with an open ear could comprehend. There are many angles to "Get this" song which none, with out explanation could teach the true meaning. "Could I what?" I don't know. But I have definitely run too far to get home. Yeah. Like Bilbo.
I was always a fan of rock, The metal lot, but never allowed my self to go 'fanatic'. Too deep, for me. I only wanted to know just.. so much. 'Nirvana' set it off for me with 'Something in the way'. I pictured actually being under a bridge surviving and barely living. bu that would be good enough. Because the other place was full of anger and rage and wouldn't sustain a light to follow back home. Rusting steel, rain and dripping concrete, the smell of decay in the air and a polluted river of lost dreams and hopes.
'Nutshell' is my most relatable song by 'AIC'.
I miss Laine's voice. Because HE, was the man carrying the heart of the songs. But eh wouldn't have bean complete with out his second set of vocals, The mighty, Cantrell.
Thank you.

simply the best | Reviewer: Kayleen | 5/2/13

I'd have to agree with many reviews on 'would' by Alice In Chains, as this songs does connect with the audience very well. It really doesn't matter what the song was written about because anyone that listens to this song could relate, hell I'm a 16 year old girl and I remember the very first time hearing this song! And no, I wasn't an addict yet I felt like that song was written for me.
music has evolved, yet music that actually meant something just like all of Chains' songs and bands such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana and SoundGarden will forever be great! This is music I truly wise would become 'cool' again

Addiction | Reviewer: Thadeous Moore | 3/24/13

As a recovering heroin addict, I can see, hear and feel tha absolute pain that this song portrays. Anybody that has never visited the deepest darkest depths of hell of addiction will never comprehend the grasp that addiction has. I have been sobor for almost 2 years and every day is a struggle. There is hope, like sobor living homes, addiction recovery programs and support though. Ill take another 24

Would? | Reviewer: Gabrielle Cormier | 2/27/13

Would is my song. It draws out who I am and what I'm going to become. What I will and won't do. What I'll leave behind and what I'll destroy. What I wish and what I despise. Everything this song is what I am. I'll be singing this even as I'm burning in Hell. Alice In Chains forever. :)

its about addiction | Reviewer: chrissy | 1/23/13

The whole Dirt album is about addiction - the drug is his master, the flood is the rush you get when you use. The result of using is always the same but its something that is very hard to break away from. He is begging for understanding.. thats what i get from the song anyways

So I made a big mistake. | Reviewer: JJStryder | 6/15/12

This song has an emotional connection for me. The singer seems haunted by a big mistake. The mistake of being broken by his master. Who is his master? What flood is he refering to?

seattle's son | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/11

this song is a great tribute to andrew wood, the true founder and creator of GRUNGE!!!! i love this song, its one of the few to feature echoes in the vocals. no im not accusing of auto tune, i just always found echoes in layne or jerry's vocals double the brilliance. this song is awesome and is a great way to end one of their best albums, after jar of Flies. oh man, that masterpiece!!!!!

our age!!! | Reviewer: Lynx | 6/9/11

in a decaying society, Art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, Art must show the world changeable. And help to change it. -Ernst Fischer.

we are living in a decaying society, don't blame new artists, they are part of the decaying societies and they reflect decay!!
Though some art will truly help change our world to the better like metal, classic music, the true rock music...etc. it cannot without our support!

In Seattle 1992 | Reviewer: In Calgary | 5/6/11

People think that Alice in Chains is about drugs. Maybe. I lived in Seattle during the years 1990-1994. Those years were lonely and like hell when I was a student at the University of Washington. I remember when in 1993 I got addicted to pseudoephedrine and caffeine pills. I started running farther and farther distances literally to run away from my deep depression. I ran so far that I can never go back. So Alice in Chains is simply reflecting the existential anxiety so prevalent in Seattle at that time. Im lucky to have escaped relatively unscarred. Others such as Layne Staley werent so lucky.

@Bart | Reviewer: Nuitaran | 4/8/11

That's spoken just like someone who has never been addicted to something like Heroine. If you think he didn't know he was dying, you haven't listened to enough of thier music. Hell, most of Dirt where this song is taken from deals with exactly that. Junkhead, Sickman, Hate to Feel, Angry Chair. He HATED his addiction, but doing the drugs was the only thing that fought the Junk Sickness. Excerpt from Junkhead sums it up nice:
You can't understand a user's mind
But try, with your books and degrees
If you let yourself go and opened your mind
I'll bet you'll be doing like me
And it ain't so bad

Awesomeness | Reviewer: David Nolan | 3/30/11

I'm 15 so I'm probably younger than all you guys but I still love aic I have to admit I don't like all their stuff, but would is definitely the acception as it is my favourite song ever, it's sucks how most people I know favour mainstream pop it's almost like they use it as a social tool or something like that. I've started to like grunge more and more since I've been stepping away from the social ladder, whenever I flip on to MTV I always here the same old boring stuff and all people seem to "sing" about is relationships or partying, and people are so judgemental and shallow, I don't give a shit about rhiannas breast this songs sucks ass, even rock seems different , don't get me wrong I love the foo fighters they kick ass and are arguably one of the best around but I can't always feel or relate to their music so if I can't I won't listen to them, and then you've got songs which try and make you feel at certain feeling, 30 sevonds to mars - closer to the edge, I'm sorry but that's not gonna make me feel emotional towards the song, it's music like pj, aic or nirvanna which make me feel a certain way without trying to.

yourmama.....NOT!!!!! its your PAPA!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/11

this SONG is the best SONG in the world!!!!!!! cant get enough of it!!
im like addicted to the song!!! you listen to it and listen to it again and LISTEN AND LISTEn AND LISTEN!!!!!!!!! cant get enough of it!!!!!!!
when i listen to it i feel this unnamed feeling, like im feeling scare and fear about something but in the same time i feel like happy, completed, and safe.. THIS f****d, mixed up feeling!!!! can't get enough of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like THAT feeling!! im addicted to that feeling!!!!!!

beef jerky? | Reviewer: bart | 1/31/11

love AIC but layne was an idiot. singing a tribute about his buddy dying from herion then blam, does it himself. found his body after it was rotting in his apt for 2 weeks. they said he looked like beef jerky. what a waste

REALLY GREAT | Reviewer: | 9/15/10

u gotta fuckin love this song. i mean its just like i listen to it and get all the fellings layne tries to say and i just gotta sing along with it even though my friends always tell me to shut up because of my shitty voice i dont care and have to sing to my last breath. it really touches me (the song not the screams of my friends telling me to shut the f**k up)

Sorry if the english is bad or if the gramma aint the best im not from a country that uses this language