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Marilyn Manson Wormboy Lyrics

Last updated: 06/29/2011 11:00:00 AM

when will realize you're already there?
so watered down-your feelings have turned to mud.
"love everybody" is destroying the value of
all hate has got me nowhere
I know I'm slipping, I know I'm slipping, I know I'm slipping away
oh no, it is everything they said it was
oh no, I am all the things they said I was
when you get to heaven you will wish you're in hell
when will you realize, you're already here
you'll think us now that you have crossed over
don't pick the scabs or you will never heal
the world shudders as the worm gets its wings
then i got my wings and i never even knew it
when i was a worm, thought i wouldn't get through it...

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To the haters...And the fans with bad spelling. :P | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/11

You make us all look bad by saying things like "Fuk" I mean, Its spelt "Fuck" Just spell the damn word right.

And to the haters, Could you please get a life and NOT talk SEARCH the song lyrics then hate on it. Are you fucked in the head?

yo | Reviewer: will hudson | 9/4/07

seriously this song was put together extremely well and his lyrics are put together extremely good, they have meanings behind meanings extremely well done! all you haters out there i think you enjoy sodomizing cats yo :D

Interesting | Reviewer: Baail | 7/19/07

It is in my opinion that you are both morons and should learn how to spell. First of all, "suck" only has one k. Second, the fucking lyrics are wrong. The word "you" is written about 4 times too many.

I'm done.
Continue your idiocy.

what a lie | Reviewer: BRenda | 6/5/07

FUKK ALL THIS BULLSHIT!!!...all of his sonqs suckkk really they have no true meaning is all lies!!

he roks my world | Reviewer: Janet Perez | 6/5/07

He is so fukin awesome thie r is no one else better that him...fuk all the people that hate him they could go to hell..............AND I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!