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Morifade World Of Steel Lyrics

Last updated: 03/22/2003 04:51:24 AM

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[Music: J. Johansson / Lyrics: J. Johansson]

I dreamed about a free world
I dreamed that I was god
I ruled the kingdom Tellus
Without no reign in blood

If dreams were true I'm free
To deny the reality
Where steel and madness reigns
[1]</i>[2] In a way too hard to change
[3]</i> Now it's time to make a change

Lost in a world
Tell me, why am I here?
Lost in a world
Left with anguish and fear
In a world of steel

I saw a million faces
I saw them there before
The violence was taking over
And masters came with war

If dreams were true I'm free...

Lost in a world...

Lost in a world...

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