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Hodgy Beats Work That Shit Lyrics

Last updated: 05/08/2012 11:00:00 AM

Work that shit, work-work that shit [4X]
Put in time, put-put in time [2X]
Put in work, put-put in work
Put in work, w-w-work-work that shit

[Hodgy Beats]
Night creep baby, I can be spooky
Ride a nigga hard, foggy windows in the hooptie
Fuck you so good, you gotta take a dookie
Your hair's straight but when I'm finished it's gon' be poofy
Put it in your mouth girl, chew me, chew me
Ooh-wee, gooey, that girl bougie
But you know I don't take that shit
I hit it from the back like take that dick!
You gotta love me, don't fake that shit
Up in the jacuzzi, movie make that shit
Then maybe we can switch in the bathroom
Hangin in the shower, show your ass like a baboon
She like it rough; gotta cover the scratch wounds
Hodgy Beats a hot dog, I know the cat cool
Go ahead strip - I ain't throwin dollars
But I'm pourin my juice, makin all you hoes swallow


[Hodgy Beats]
Girl I'm fin' to put in work here, I'ma make it hurt
She don't know how to suck dick but she can make it twerk
We do the six-nine, but I be like "Ladies first"
She don't know how to ride the dick but she can make it burp
Girl - take this dick, girl take this dick
She blow me, the dog or pussy, and rape her clit
Tap the lil' homey like "You better take this shit
cause after I start she ain't gon' want me quit"
Straight drop; yeah I beat it up like a cop
Tell her do it do it do it, do it do it don't stop
It's Friday night, and you know I'm on it
Pop a pill and we ain't stoppin 'til Sunday mornin
God damn, and you know lil' dirty put his mack down
and if she go below, welcome to Sac Town
Hey girl, stop playin around
She want me to put in work and I put it down, hey!

[Chorus - 3X]

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