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The Beatles Words of Love Lyrics

Last updated: 08/26/2014 06:23:52 PM

Hold me close and tell me how you feel
Tell me love is real
Words of love you whisper soft and true
Darling I love you

Let me hear you say the words I long to hear
Darling when you're near
Words of love you whisper soft and true
Darling I love you

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love could never die | Reviewer: amira | 8/26/14

let me tell you the feeling when you look at me all i can do is be quit and falow you that's why i will never forget the best moment w have been and somday my dream come true and i promis u i will keep u in my heart for no raison just because i love u

Ah love mah baby girl | Reviewer: Jonathan | 6/28/14

Yeah baby am the big boy ah get money ah get fans all around the word and ah love you give me your heart pls every day and nigth ah use to dream about of you mah heart loves you

love is stages | Reviewer: samu | 1/1/13

we find love is together
but baby never lies to me
baby i have real for everlast one
never make me dream but make me real
my dad came i long the way because of our love
i misse you and always misse you