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Steps Words Are Not Enough Lyrics

Last updated: 04/03/2002 08:44:51 PM

(P. Nylen / A. Carlsson)

I think I heard about a thousand times or more
Don't you bother wasting time
You're telling me you're so much better than before
But I find it hard believing
Until you prove me wrong

If you really want my love
If I'm all you're dreaming of
You may find it tough
'Cause words are not enough

I wouldn't ever make the same mistake again
Don't wanna be nobody's fool
I wouldn't play the loosing game
Where you can't win
There is nothing that I'm missing
So you better prove me wrong


You know it ain't easy
To find a new way
After everything that we've been through
So come on and please me
And show that I'm wrong
Let me see you bring the best out of you

[Chorus] (4x)