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Yes Wonderous Stories Lyrics

Last updated: 01/07/2011 10:00:00 AM

I awoke this morning
Love laid me down by the river
Drifting I turned on up stream
Bound for my forgiver
In the giving of my eyes to see your face
Sound did silence me
Leaving no trace
I beg to leave, to hear your wonderous stories
Beg to hear your wonderous stories 'LA AHA'

He spoke of lands not far
Nor lands they were in his mind
Of fusion captured high
Where reason captured his time
In no time at all he took me to the gate
In haste I quickly
Checked the time
If I was late
I had to leave, to hear your wonderous stories
Had to hear your wonderous stories 'LA AHA, LA AHA'

Hearing hearing your wonderous stories
Hearing your wonderous stories
It is no lie I see deeply into the future
Imagine everything
You're close
And were you there
To stand so cautiously at first
And then so high
As he spoke my spirit climbed into the sky
I bid it to return
To hear your wonderous stories
Return to hear your wonderous stories
Return to hear your wonderous stories


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Yes - The holy men of Progressive Rock | Reviewer: James Anthony Duckling | 1/7/11

Yes have never had the accolade that they should have. They are one of the oldest "Groups" (Yes I know that they have split and reformed alot) and their music is still in the same trend as when they started. Indeed Jon Anderson's voice is superb. Chris Squire on Bass, Alan White on Drums, Steve Howe on Rythm and Trevor Rabin on lead and RICK WAKEMAN on keyboard are my ideal Yes

I wonder... | Reviewer: Paulo Rodrigues | 4/7/10

Really an eternal song that can be appreciated by all of those young at heart; I only wish we could have Anderson's own comments about his inspiration and meanings, as the lyrics, despite beautiful and full of meanings, can be interpreted in many ways...

A Prophet | Reviewer: Michael | 9/4/09

Jon Anderson IS a Prophet...he writes and speaks like one. Have loved his music since my teens. :-)
His message is as timeless as any other prophet, whether they be The One or one of many, he is a teacher and a preacher.
I am listening...

A song for the ages | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/07

Indeed, what a beautiful song. Jon Anderson has the perfect voice in reciting the lyrics to this incredibly beautiful ballad. I believe this song can be appreciated by people of all ages. It is among my most revered.

Dreams with Him, Master Jesus | Reviewer: Vitor Junior | 4/12/07

This is a beautiful song... This explain all. An expect to see the Master in his dreams to hear His stories, and wisdom words.

Heart and Soul | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/06

This song epitomizes the heart of the Seventies, it lifts you along on a cosmological journey that culminates in a soulful search for the truth. A song of our time.