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Annie Lennox Wonderful Lyrics

Last updated: 01/17/2011 10:00:00 AM

I wanna have you
'Cause you're all I've got
Don't wanna lose you
'Cause it means a lot
All the joy this world can bring
Doesn't give me anything
When you're not here ...

Idiot me
Stupid fool
How could you be
So uncool?
To fall in love with someone who
Doesn't really care for you
It's so obscure...

But I feel...
Yes I feel...

God, it makes me be so blue
Everytime I think about you
All of the heat of my desire
Smokin' like some crazy fire
Come on here
Look at me
Where I stand
Can't you see my heart burnin'
In my hands?
Do you want me?
Do you not?
Does it feel cold baby?
Does it feel hot?

I wanna hold you
And be so held back
Don't wanna need you
But it's where I'm at
Thinkin' bout you every day
How come I was made that way?
It's so surreal...

But I feel... wonderful
Yes I feel ... wonderful

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Friends w/benefits Ex. | Reviewer: A Pisces Wish | 1/17/11

If you think about it abstractly... this song reminds me of Lady Gaga Bad Romance. I haven't looked up the meaning to make sure exactly what this song means...but both these songs remind me of how I feel with my ex Alex that I am still seeing. I love so many things about Alex and the way us being together (on our good days) makes me feel, but at the same time it feels like I will eventually have to break our 'friends with benefits' ties that we have now. But gosh, if these benefits could last forever... I feel like if my future husband who could understand and have a similar benefit situation...ahhh...I what am I saying...wishful thinking. : )