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The Scabs Woman Lyrics

Last updated: 10/08/2002 02:41:24 AM

Now you can tell a woman what she might want to hear
Whisper sweet nothing's into her ear
Buy her diamonds and buy her pearls
Buy her everything in the world

And she my tell you you're the only one
That you're her sweet and sticky golden honey bun
That she'll be there until the end of time
But then you wake up one morning to find she's changed her mind

Because oh she's a woman and she will do
Just exactly what she wants to
No matter what you say

Now you may say I don't like it that way
I like it like it used to be in the good old days
But what I say to you is true
A woman gonna do what she's gonna do

'Cause when a woman's made up her mind you know that's that
Ain't no way to change it and that's a fact
Yeah you can try man but best take it from me
That to argue with a woman's sheer insanity

'Cause you say do you want my honey I don't know
Do you want my money maybe so
Baby you so funny you better watch it bro
I'll make everything sunny you better though

Baby do you love me I don't know
Baby do you want me maybe so
Will you ever leave me I can't say so
Will stay forever I gotta go