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You better love loving and you better behave
You better love loving and you better behave
Woman in chains, woman in chains

Calls her man the great white hope
Says she's fine, she'll always cope, ooh
Woman in chains, woman in chains

Well, I feel lying and waiting is a poor man's deal (A poor man's deal)
And I feel hopelessly weighed down by your eyes of steel
(Your eyes of steel)
Well, It's a world gone crazy keeps woman in chains, woh woh woh
Woman in chains, woman in chains

Trades her soul as skin and bones
(You better love loving and you better behave)
Sells the only thing she owns
(You better love loving and you better behave) ooh ooh
Woman in chains (the sun and the moon), woman in chains

Men of stone, men of stone, hey baby, no no no, ooh

Well, I feel deep in your heart there are wounds time can't heal
(The time can't heal)
And I feel somebody somewhere is trying to breathe
Well, you know what I mean
It's a world gone crazy keeps woman in chains

It's under my skin but out of my hands
I'll tear it apart (somebody somewhere is trying)
But I won't understand (to breathe)
I will not accept the greatness of man
It's a world gone crazy keeps woman in chains
Gone crazy keeps woman in chains

So free her, so free her, so free her
So free her, so free her (the sun and the moon)
So free (the wind and the rain) her, so free her
So free her, so free her, so free her, so free her
So free her, so free her (the sun and the moon)
So free (the wind and the rain) her, so free her

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Music in your blood | Reviewer: Ron de Wolf | 7/28/12

This is the very best in popular music. It brings together two parties: two men of Tears For Fears and one woman, Oleta Adams. Time after time I listen to the Album The Seeds Of Love and everytime I am deeply moved by the songs. Sometimes I cry while I'm hearing Woman In Chains, but mostly it makes my blood rush powerfully through my vains. It brings out a extremely outburt of energy and feeling alive. It's THE VERY BEST music can offer. This song, as well as other songs by Tears For Fears, Oleta Adams and a lot more (for instance Jon Anderson, Yes, Vangelis etc. etc.) Thanks for reading.

Married my wife & freed her | Reviewer: Dead Lee | 1/20/12

I was lucky enough to see Tears for Fears in Brighton, England and I was totally blown away. This concert told me that Roland was the main man, not Kurt. Another revelation was this song. It blew away again. I did not get past the beauty of this song until I saw the video: A beautiful girl suffering a seedy life. Since then I married a great girl. In the beginning she thought it was a mans world. I told her that is not so much the case nowadays. 20 years later she is one of IBM's top managers. Thank you Tears for Tears. My favourite band ever (The Eagles are 2nd). Humbly submitted by Dead Lee ( Brucey's Brother!)

Amazing Song! covered by Amazing Talents | Reviewer: Erin | 6/18/10

I first heard this song through a bunch of talents covering songs. From the time i heard this song it has been my favorite. In fact it one of the top of my favorites! And the lyric, its just so meaningful.
The link is to the song covered by Lind,Nilsen,Fuentues and Holm. I have to say, its the best cover=)
Hope yall will love it~

A song for the ages. | Reviewer: Sean | 6/5/10

My mon died from cancer a week ago and I heard this song in the airport today and lost it. I relate the cancer to chains around not letting her live out life. But through it all she never complained because her faith kept her stong till the end regardless how tight the chains of cancer were around her. Love TF and this song.

woman in chains meaning | Reviewer: roland_forever | 5/6/10

Can't stop listening to this song...it moves me everytime. This link has roland orzabal's interview explaining the meaning of the Woman In Chains song - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsiS8hij7Pk&feature=related

Goes straight to my soul, straight through my heart | Reviewer: Marg | 4/22/10

I saw Tears for Fears 2 nights ago and I heard this song for the first time in many years. I had forgotten about it but, My God, My God, My God it was powerful and beautiful and it just floored me. These guys are so talented and have gotten even better with time. Maybe when you are young you don't appreciate the depth and soul and craftsmanship that goes into beautiful songs like this. It made me cry and trust me I won't forget this song again. It describes so many journeys we travel, yet there is hope. Thank you T4F

Music is Power | Reviewer: For Natalie Love, Mal | 10/16/09

I first heard this track after meeting a beautiful lady called Natalie via the internet. Natalie, like a lot of us had been in a handful of relationships and one in particular which had affected her, just as bad relationships do.

I don't often hear a track for the first time and find myself moved and when it happens it really blows you away and that's what happened when I heard "Tears for Fears - Woman in Chains".

The lyrics are awesome, the music is powerful and in so many ways, very true where Natalie is concerned. Never again should man push women around. Respect is what is needed.

The main vocalists, Roland Orzabal and Oleta Adams compliment each other beautifully.

I love you Natalie! I love what you're about and would never hurt you, nor would I wrap, nor tie you in chains. I hope time frees you and I will always be your friend, more if you allow it!
Take care princess!

past? | Reviewer: joe | 10/5/09

could we say that this song was from the past but as i was going over it 2day it still fullfills its purpose. if we could only take its message to people with a lil bit of power, brains and guts, women's story would be another story. why women if they're the most beautiful thing on earth?

Underrated song | Reviewer: Wayne | 9/29/09

Why does this song no longer get air play? I saw this video as a teenager and was moved by the song. I was, and still am, a hard rock fan, but this song transcends all genres of music and is just an amazing blend of awesome vocals, inspiring lyrics and stirrin music.

I rediscovered it a few years ago and finally understood the last lyric. I just wanted to check out the rest of the lyrics to truly understand what is being sung.

It's a shame no one plays this song on the radio (at least not here in Canada). It's infinitely better than most of the dribble that's being put out these days!

Why, What? | Reviewer: Crying for Scary Things | 1/27/09

Best song ever. OMG. How can this song be sung by anyone other than angels. Angels, I say angels. The best band ever!!!! I am so glad that they agree with me that women should be subjugated and put in their place. Way to go tears, a good slap is all you need, and some bird petting of course.

So deeply moving | Reviewer: Hugo | 1/14/09

How I love this song... I'm happy to see other people feel the same about it, just as some others have said, when I hear it, it's hard to describe what it makes me feel. I'm a man and I'm also very moved that a man could compose such sensitive lyrics and dedicate them to every woman who is suffering, played over such deeply beautiful music. The marvellous vocals, the haunting, subtle music which gains intensity as it progresses - everything about this song is so special.

i love this song | Reviewer: evita | 1/11/09

the first time i ever heard this song: i was at work and i had to stop and turn the volume way up to hear every word. it pretty much hits exactly how i feel as a young woman in todays society with all of its pressure. and it really floored me to hear such a true, honest and touching song written by men for women. its haunting and beautiful. its my sad feminist anthem that i sing when i need a little lift...

Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Chris | 11/1/07

The song is so emotional and strong that my three year old dances and sings to it he loves it . Spiritual guidance is the way i describe it. Tears for Fears is great anyway. My fav is Everybody wants to rule the world

Poetic justice | Reviewer: evolving | 10/26/07

Breaking chains and destiny.....have spent half my life trying to free her....damaged but not dead. This song whispers the longings of every captive woman, regardless of the source of the chains.

Woman In Chains | Reviewer: Shay Doyle | 10/12/07

Recipe: You take an important subject matter; add a wonderful lyricist, incredible musicians and top it off with two excellent vocalists. Mix it all together and you get “Woman in Chains.”

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