Wolfmother Lyrics

People unite for the Wolfies have returned from the canyons
of L.A with a fusion of freaked out jamming, delicate
melodies and gallant rock riffage that shall be known
collectively as "Wolfmother".

Myles Heskett, Chris Ross and Andrew Stockdale are the key
holders to the future of all things Wolf ... together they
write all their songs while contributing drums,
bass/keyboards and guitar/vocals respectively.

In their lives before Wolfmother, Myles worked in graphics,
Chris in things digital and Andrew was a photographer so
they all More...

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Review about Wolfmother songs
Straight from the horses mouth | Reviewer: Oracle
    ------ About the song Joker And The Thief performed by Wolfmother

Andrew Stockdale said: "I've totally ripped it off from Dylan. I was in a shop one morning walking into where we jam. I saw this AC/DC 'Thunderstruck' and I was like, 'I want to write a stadium rock song.' I went into the studio and said, 'Doo-duh-lee, doo-duh-lee. What's the best thing to do after that? Just do something cleaner - Doo, doo, doo.' Because, you know, you've got to have a big intro and then you have to have a balls-to-the-wall riff to knock it on the head in the next stage."

holy shit | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Joker And The Thief performed by Wolfmother

Wow Leahclover you might be insane, and yes I did just take a big rip of the sticky icky icky but holy shit on toast are you way off on your assumption of this song. where do demons and shit play into a song that is a tribute to Dylan? Holy shit you must be on some other shit cuz i have no clue in god's green earth where you came to this conclusion.

Missing Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song New Moon Rising performed by Wolfmother

WHILE the wheels keep turning

Well, they're all in-love now
And, see the fields are turning
I see the new moon rising

I see the new moon rising

Leach clover | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Joker And The Thief performed by Wolfmother

I know this is pretty late, but I'd like to point out to leach clover that the dark knight was released in 2008, two years after this song. So regardless if your story is true or not, it has nothing to do with the song.

In UFC Primetime | Reviewer: Conner
    ------ About the song Mind's Eye performed by Wolfmother

This song was playing at the end of UFC Primetime: St Pierre vs Hardy, and if you want to get some motivation going, its right there. Just a great song all around, you can take it to the gym, take it on a run, take it to work, or whatever. Just good music, man.

Joker and the Thief: It's a Bob Dylan reference! | Reviewer: Joe
    ------ About the song Joker And The Thief performed by Wolfmother

To those of you trying to interpret this song in a "deep" way, you're simply missing the point. The song comes from All Along the Watchtower, by a man named Robert Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan). The opening line of that song is "there must be some kind of way out of here, said the JOKER TO THE THIEF"

hence, a song about the joker and the thief...

WOW, dude. | Reviewer: Neal
    ------ About the song Joker And The Thief performed by Wolfmother

I know this is way late... but it's still funny. Leahclover is one of numerous examples of people misinterpreting context. It happens thousands of times a week in churches all across the globe. The only way to really know what an artist means in a song; is to ask them. Unless they state in an interview or book what they meant; you have no other way to know. So before you go all super-Christian on every body... think about the shit you type before you type it. Thanks.

Cool song, but no conclusion | Reviewer: bono bob
    ------ About the song Joker And The Thief performed by Wolfmother

I find they put the ROLL in rock and roll, plenty of rock songs easily have rock, but don't roll well.

Aside from comments of aesthetics though I was just kind of annoyed (not the song's fault, its written the way it is for a reason, just personally dissapointed as I came to look this up) than story is never told about the joker and the thief. It a song about how he is going to tell you the story.

LeahClover & Punkisgood | Reviewer: TehJudas
    ------ About the song Joker And The Thief performed by Wolfmother

Punkisgood, I'd like to congratulate you on your honest attempt at showing this idiot how retarded they sound.
Although you failed at it, it's not your fault. Some people just aren't too skilled with life. In summary, good show.

LeahClover, seriously? "She spoke to demons on her dark night of the soul, true story,". Are you like five? Sh*t. And that random "don't do drugs" at the end. Who are you, McGruff the f**king crime dog? In summary, stfu.

Good day

"the Joker" and "the Thief" | Reviewer: Leah Clover
    ------ About the song Joker And The Thief performed by Wolfmother

Thank you, Punkisgood, for your response. As you have seen I am able to express my testimony on movies and music as I have done. You are also able to state your opinion: we are both very fortunate to have this platform in which to write: let’s not take our ability for granted.

I would like to discuss the true ideals about Christianity that you are describing? I would love to hear what you are thinking and I assure you that I am not being sarcastic. I know that it can be off putting to hear someone give a testimony so freely, especially a testimony that challenges popular film and music. I also understand that what I have written will not necessarily make me popular or well liked in the world.

I am sorry if what I have written about the Joker and the Thief is sort of confusing. I will help to clarify: I am writing about “the Joker” and “the Thief” as two characters (in separate songs and a movie). I am not writing about just one song, as I believe that “the Joker” described in each song (and the movie “The Dark Night”) is one and the same; as well, I believe that “the Thief” written about in each song is one in the same. I hope that you will read what I have written more carefully, Punkisgood. My testimony is not limited to one song but bears relevance to any piece of art with or about “the Joker,” and/or “the Thief.”

If you do drugs, Punkisgood, I would advise you to stop as they are not good for your health and I assure you that I do not take drugs of any kind.

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