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Grant me a wish, my master
Take heed of me
I have been loyal servant
Heartfelt, humble

Gave up - what belongs to me
Gave up my greed
My self-examination
Made me see, to be me
I am Now like Judas, done
Ashamed of what I've become
Fear for life I wear as a ring
To bask in your favor, I will kill the king

You say I am invincible
I cannot die,
I know, but anyway
The words, they maim me

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Grant me a wish, my master
Compassion, please
I'd like to be a human
...maybe one day

I am now like Judas, done
Ashamed of what I've become
Fear for life I wear as a ring
To bask in your favor, I will kill the king

[Entreaty:] let me go
Master, I hate you so
How can I sleep my nights
When my whole being cries

I tried to be like everyone
Open my soul
But what I had to give
Resulted loathing

Enchanted by the power
Licked by the grace
One beautiful black flower
The end of the human race

With pride I face my faith
King and Queen now lie in state
Fear for life I wear as a ring
I bask in your favor, I have killed the king

[Entreaty:] let me go
Master, I hate you so
How can I sleep my nights
When my whole being cries

I had a nightmare
The Wolf eating Raven

Entrails of life on my plate
And I ate 'em..

Interested in what I see
Try that Rorschach test on me
Have you seen the beauty of the
Enticing beast

2x [Entreaty:] let me go
Master, I hate you so
How can I sleep my nights
When my whole being cries

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love sonata lyrics 11th December 2013. | Reviewer: Ivka | 12/11/13

Sounds like answer to metallica's master of puppets. Fighting against yourself, your raven part slaved by your wolf part, struggling for freedom and being yourself really. Entrails of time on my plate and I ate them, how dramatic, strong, terrifying, honest, sonata rocks. So different, but everything that metal is supposed to be. Hail sonata!

Amazing | Reviewer: HeWhoPreferstoHaveNoName | 12/9/13

It just occurred to me that this song embodies all of the seven deadly sins.

Lust-Main character longs to be human.
Gluttony-devours the entrails of life.
Wrath-anger at his master, and anger at himself.
Envy-envious of other humans, and attempts to be like them.
Sloth-Spiritually lazy to take his freedom into his own hands.
Greed-Mentions that he has given up his greed.
Pride-prideful in killing a king to serve his master.

Wolf and Raven... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/11

These must resemble the feelings of Brunahild about Siegrfried...at least thats what it reminds me... She was the Raven and Siegfried the Wolf...<3 Its an amazing nordic story...really epic~ She had to kill him but she fully regreted about it..he was the king and she his forbidden queen...uh you have to read it :)

i love this song | Reviewer: awolfgod | 5/16/09

this is a good song , and im pretty sure its based off of france werewolf myth were a slave lived in the woods and gave out thr wold strap which turned whoever got it into a werewolf but you had no control and the slave in the woods was your master ,thats atleast what it makes me think of

Mad song! | Reviewer: peter | 12/4/08

Sonata Artica is one of my fave bands, and this is my fave song-its up there with blank file and the end of this chapter.
I love this song-the melody, lyrics, harmony and chord progressions, it is just a...a...I dont know how to describe it!
I only wish they toured downunder here in Oz...oh well, at least I have the album-KEEP IT UP!!!!!

RPG | Reviewer: JotaKa | 11/11/08

Everytime I hear this song, I actually imagine like an RPG. It seems to me as a thing that a generical golem fighter in the army of the enemy king whould have said to him, with all the praising of the master.

awesome song | Reviewer: NeSkU | 9/24/08

probably one of the best power melodic metal songs ever. The singer is fucking awesome, i havent words to describe this beautiful song. so emotive and powerful song. i love it. Sonata Arctica rules!

Star Wars | Reviewer: Canadian Idiot | 2/4/08

Is it just me or is this song what Anakin is singing out to Darth Vader from inside?
Maybe I'm wrong, but Vader overthrows the republic (kills the king)and has betrayed all he believes in (I am like Judas done).
I'm probably seeing things that aren't there, though. Everyone says I interpret films and songs too deeply.

Darth Vader | Reviewer: Multicoloured Duck | 2/9/08

This seems to be the type of thing that Anakin is screaming out to Darth Vader and, in turn, Palpatine. After all, he betrayed the Jedi (I am now a Judas Done), he hates the Sith but must become one to save Amidala (Ashamed of what I've become) and overthrew the Republic (kill the king).
Or maybe I'm just saying things that aren't there. I do that a lot.

huh | Reviewer: Griffin | 12/9/07

so THATS what the hell he's saying. God, okay. Tony's talented, but you can barely understand it O_o

and Jani...wow. I heard he left the band because it's a requirement that you've got to join the Finnish military and he didn't want to. So he left the band, and the country.

BUT ANYWAY. awesome :) thanks. now I know wth he's saying.

Absolutely amazing. | Reviewer: Jay Parlee | 11/4/07

Sonata Arctica are by far my favorite band. Wolf and Raven is my second favorite song, following Full Moon. The powerful vocals mixed with inspiring lyrics and heavy guitar make this a song to be remembered. Their drummer is a GOD, but it is Jani that I worship *hails*. It's too bad that they fired him from the band, but Elias is good, too.

Really Good Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/07

I love these guys now, and some of there songs are just phenomenal. This one espicially, I love the instruments, and just the way it's song.

... | Reviewer: K. Pollux | 9/26/07

Definitely one of their best.

The guitar and keytar solos are phenomenal.

Also, the part immediately before the first solo, where the entire song just slows, almost to a halt, is ingenious.

SO COOL | Reviewer: DIEGO | 9/20/07


this is aimed at Raven | Reviewer: Maxwell | 8/7/07

that's what makes the "nightmare" symbolic, an ally that turns on his partner, something that wouldn't ever happen, but it did. the nightmare is supposed to be a sight into the future, or expressing the "servants" intentions inside his mind. but I digress, another great song by the godly Sonata Arctica.

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