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DELAIN lyrics arent even on Sing365 yet! Martijn
Westergholt had to drop out of WT just before Mother Earth
due to ME, and first set up Delain while still

Their 2nd Album "April Rain" will probably sound great to
WT fans. Its a little pacier than WT, & you could say
there's rather more metal and less symphonics in the mix.

Also, where just about any WT song can sand alone as a tale
in itself, the April Rain songs are more like chapters
around a single theme ( of a relationship that just dont
work out). Charlotte More...

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Review about Within Temptation songs
To my mother | Reviewer: Zzzzz
    ------ About the song Our Farewell performed by Within Temptation

I love this song as it reminds me if my mum. I left home when I was 16 and things haven't been the same yet. We both used to sing through this album when we was in the car :)
Love you :3

And all my love & thoughts to everyone who has also commented <3

wow.. | Reviewer: chhavi
    ------ About the song All I Need performed by Within Temptation

I heard this song in tvd, this song made me sink into that moment. Truly amazing song. Even i want to say that all the songs by within temptation are tempting, i just love them. :)

§hôvóñ | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song What Have You Done performed by Within Temptation

When I heard it for the 1st time I thought it can be Linkin park song...But when I know the song artist is Within Temptation I add the band in my heart with this song...It's the best example of Powerful Rock song!!!!

life | Reviewer: insane master
    ------ About the song The Swan Song performed by Within Temptation

this song is about somone who is in great pain of lossing not just one thing but many things in his life. this song tells us about hope that never dies. you know you have lost something but you dont want to accept it keep clinging to our past but then life keeps moving so do we. we find some new things to live for every time. it tells about your never ending love for someone who you know is gone but still you want to belive that she might come back some day and you are ready to wait untill the etrnity.

GOTH | Reviewer: erra gamm
    ------ About the song Gothic Christmas performed by Within Temptation


This Song | Reviewer: Jezebel
    ------ About the song The Cross performed by Within Temptation

May or may not have a Christian basis, all that matters is that it's good! No artist or poet wants their songs to be "black and white" in their meanings, it's up to the listeners what comes to their minds. Personally, it reminds me of Jesus and Pontius Pilate (you've washed your hands, you've made it all too clear, you just keep on living this lie) because Pilate famously washed his hands of Christ's death, claiming to have had nothing to do with it and refusing to accept that innocent blood was on his hands, when in actuality, he was responsible for his death, because he could have saved him and crucified Barabbas instead, but he let the crowd egg him on and did what shouldn't have been done.

We're all entitled to our own opinion, and i'm only stating that the song reminds me exactly of Pilate's denial and the refusal to lay in the bed he made. I am not preaching, i'm not even a Christian, so I have no reason to preach!

Don't worry about what others think, just listen to the song, find your interpretation of it, and enjoy the art that is Within Temptation!

No Heartbrokens | Reviewer: Tolga
    ------ About the song Forgiven performed by Within Temptation

Well, if I had a great voice, This song would be the first song for me to sing it live on a stage! Amazing, touching and so strong. I don't even mention of Sharon's voice. Lyrics are so real and just reading the other comments before me and saw that some moms lost their children and they listened this song. It's even more sadly thinking the song when you're just bored. They made a perfect job and they must have felt it while writing and singing it. I have no problen with my life for now but I like listening to it.

The meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Stairway To The Skies performed by Within Temptation

I think the songs starts after a horrible accident in which two lovers die.

One, however (the singer), is brought back and has a near death experience. In that experience, she does see her lover leave her for heaven, but she is left behind on earth. Which she hopes the dying other half will unerstand. (why she went back).

In the rest of her life, the singer hopes the anger over her accident will not cause her to go to hell in the end instead of the heaven she was going to in the first place with her lover.

Or maybe she has just done other stupid things that will make her go down instead of up inher life and thus not see her love again afterwards.

She dreams of heaven, but she will always live with the uncertainty of whatever she is doing will lead her to a stairway up the skies.

A Song for Soulmates | Reviewer: Ylena
    ------ About the song Somewhere performed by Within Temptation

This song makes me think of my soulmate. I only met him in dreams in this current life, but in all of our pasts lives we were lovers. Now I have to search for him, but I don't know where to look and I don't even know what his face will look like this time... This song makes me sad and help me at the same to keep faith and always hope.
Leo, please, wait for me

A mistake or two | Reviewer: Jules
    ------ About the song Stand My Ground performed by Within Temptation

In the first chorus after the bridge she sings
"I won't give in (I won't give in)
I won't give up (I won't give up)
No more denying...."
"I won't give in (I won't give in)
I won't deny (I won't deny)
No more denying..." ;)

And Daniel Gibson Han'some didn't write the lyrics, he wrote the mustic but I guess the overall creators of the song are written down :)

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