Within Temptation Albums

  • Paradise (What About Us?) Album
    Paradise (What About Us?)
    Let Us Burn (Demo)
    Silver Moonlight (Demo)
    Dog Days (Demo)

  • The Q-music Sessions Album (10/1/2013)
    Let Her Go
    Summertime Sadness
    Dirty Dancer
    Don't You Worry Child
    Behind Blue Eyes
    The Power Of Love

  • The Unforgiving Album (3/29/2011)
    Why Not Me
    Shot In The Dark
    In The Middle Of The Night
    Fire And Ice
    Where Is The Edge?
    A Demon's Fate
    Stairway To The Skies
    Bonus Tracks
    The Last Dance
    I Don't Wanna
    Empty Eyes

  • Heart of Everything Album (3/15/2007)
    The Howling
    What Have You Done
    Our Solemn Hour
    The Heart Of Everything
    Hand Of Sorrow
    The Cross
    Final Destination
    All I Need
    The Truth Beneath The Rose

  • The Silent Force Album (11/25/2004)
  • Mother Earth Album (8/1/2000)
  • The Dance Album (12/1/1998)
  • Enter Album (12/1/1997)

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    Reviews about Within Temptation albums

    Better late than never ....! | Reviewer: RockSoulUK
        ------ About the album Mother Earth performed by Within Temptation

    Rock musicians really should take time out to go see a film more often, if this brillant CD is anything to go by –“Braveheart” with its James Horner soundtrack had , as WT have said themselves, a fair influence on the making of “Mother Earth”
    I bought this 2 years back 100% “blind” on pure impulse, and had never even heard of WT at the time(had discovered Evanescence a few years before, just knew there had to be more ,similar(ish) intelligent musical life “out there” SOMEWHERE..!.)
    On first play it sounded more like a “Heavy Clannad” than the “Metal” it was sold as Upload either band in fact and your media player will give the genre as” World Music” (MEANS: this music is too original for anyone to have built a pigeon hole around it yet )WT themselves tend to describe their music as “Symphonic Rock” rather than the “Goth Metal” tag more often applied (or “Celtic Metal” in response to this album)
    Many reviews rightly stress Sharon den Adel ‘s powerful yet angelic vocals. But its rarely if ever noted she also writes herself near enough all the lyrics she sings (musical arrangements being largely down to partner Rob Westerholt and other band members)
    Its the range and depth of WHAT she sings about every bit as much as HOW she sings that makes this a stand-out album: “Deceiver of Fools” marks her first real venture beyond Goth fantasy horror (eg Darkwings) into the far greater real –world horrors of ever recurring human conflict , and who and what causes them all ...Her delivery of the opening lines including “no light in the darkness is too small to see...” sounds ,to my ears at least , actually more Joan Baez than Kate Bush ....,only with a far more powerful “Attack Mode”
    Anyone else who has only caught up with WT 10 years late can likely guess the rest –
    -10 weeks or so later you’ve got the entire CD & DVD back catalogue(OK, bar the odd mysteriously elusive early single “B sides” and the bonus tracks that were added after the bonus tracks on the album versions you bought –you can download these, ONCE YOU KNOW THEY EXIST (usually) from the SING365 Lyric list)

    I'm so glad I bought this... | Reviewer: singwhatyoucan'tsay
        ------ About the album Heart of Everything performed by Within Temptation

    As my title says, I'm very happy with the album. Having been disappointed with Evanescence (see my review of the Evanescence album Fallen) I was wary of buying a CD from a band because they were compared to Nightwish. Now I'm glad I did.

    Here's a song-by-song breakdown of The Heart Of Everything:

    The Howling--What a great way to open the album! Heavy symphonic/Gothic/operatic metal makes this song stand out. (5/5)

    What Have You Done--A rather interesting duet that doesn't remind me of Evanescence the slightest. I prefer the extended version. (3.5/5)

    Frozen--A ballad, that's about all I'm saying. I usually skip the ballads on this album. Not that there's anything wrong them, except that they bring me close to tears. (4.5/5)

    Out Solemn Hour--A thought-provoking song about World War II. (5/5)

    The Heart Of Everything--This is one of those songs that could have a special meaning to everyone. (4.5/5)

    Hand Of Sorrow--I'm going to be looking for the books that this song is based on at the library. I find the lyrics interesting. (4.5/5)

    The Cross--And I thought Nightwish put emotion in their songs...This is beautiful. (5/5)

    Final Destination--Not my favorite, but still a good song. (3/5)

    All I Need--Another ballad, very well done. (3/5)

    The Truth Beneath The Rose--This is my current favorite on the album. A heavier song, and it's about the Crusades. So if you haven't read the book it's based on, you'll still be able to get meaning out of it. (5/5)

    Forgiven--Warning: if you cry easily, have some tissues nearby when you listen to this. (4.5/5)

    Overall--If you're a fan of symphonic rock/metal, I would strongly recommend getting this CD. If you want something with more emotion than your average pop music, look here. This is a CD that could be appreciated by many different types of people. If you don't think "symphonic" and "rock/metal" go together, listen with an open mind. You might just find something you like.

    I want them all!! | Reviewer: Hannah
        ------ About the album The Silent Force performed by Within Temptation

    I love Within Temptation and all of their music. I think Sharon den Adel, the main vocalist, has a very angelic voice, she is also very beautiful. I wish everyone would stop comparing them to Evanescence though! I do agree that if you like Evan, then you might like this. But still, they are both great bands, we all know, so lets stop comparing them and just enjoy the music.
    My favorite is either Memories or The Howling, I recommend this album and Heart of Everything. =)

    Heart of everything Within temptation | Reviewer: Jasmin Rose
        ------ About the album Heart of Everything performed by Within Temptation

    oh it beautiful i love it... i was introduce too this band by a german Dj he dedicated a nice song too me and brought the cd Sharon den Abel you rock!!! buy it worth every dime just take you too another dimension...

    Best | Reviewer: V
        ------ About the album The Silent Force performed by Within Temptation

    I have every single one of their albums and this is their best one (this and the short "What Have You Done Now"), Evanescence has good stuff and Nightwish is actually similar, one song is actually confusing to some as to who actually sang it (Within Temptation did Gatekeeper).

    Body combat | Reviewer: Ove
        ------ About the album Heart of Everything performed by Within Temptation

    Heard the songs What have you done and Our solemn hour in a Body Combat class and had to find out who made this fantastic music. Absolutely among the best ever heard and I´m 53! Heard a lot since "radio luxemburg"!

    legendary | Reviewer: salah
        ------ About the album Heart of Everything performed by Within Temptation

    i have nothing to say that gives this album the good discribtion , I just love it , this gothic band is the best to me i am 21 and i listened to metal music like ....forever but nothing is to be compared with what this band do, and if they can read this I tell them they have huge fans the arab wrold as well as any place in the face of this planet

    excellent | Reviewer: Raven
        ------ About the album Heart of Everything performed by Within Temptation

    Quite honestly the best album I've ever listened to in my life. "Heart of Everything" is the best Within Temptation has put out yet. Sharon den Adel [lead singer] does some really good alto on top of her usual shocker soprano, the music is flawless, and the lyrics-my God, the lyrics! Songs about such different topics-this is real music. Just give it a try, you'll get hooked.

        ------ About the album The Silent Force performed by Within Temptation

    This is awesome! I have heard all of their songs and this is my favorite band! I love this song, it's a favorite of mine, plus their song "See who I am". I haven't heard many great artists, but I have heard Evanescence, Nightwish, and these guys. I love all of them immensley, so I say with great pleasure that I'm glad that YouTube makes videos with these songs!

    Heart of Everything | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Heart of Everything performed by Within Temptation

    When I bought this CD it was because I loved "What Have You Done" and the first time I listened to the whole CD I wasn't sure if I would like it, but when I listened to it again I loved it! So give it a chance.. what have you got to loose? :)

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