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Release Date: 07/31/2000
Tracks in Mother Earth: Mother Earth, Ice Queen, Our Farewell, Caged, The Promise, Never-ending Story, Deceiver Of Fools, Dark Wings, Perfect Harmony, World Of Make Believe, Deep Within, The Dance, Restless (Classical Version), Bittersweet

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Better late than never ....! | Reviewer: RockSoulUK | 2/26/11

Rock musicians really should take time out to go see a film more often, if this brillant CD is anything to go by –“Braveheart” with its James Horner soundtrack had , as WT have said themselves, a fair influence on the making of “Mother Earth”
I bought this 2 years back 100% “blind” on pure impulse, and had never even heard of WT at the time(had discovered Evanescence a few years before, just knew there had to be more ,similar(ish) intelligent musical life “out there” SOMEWHERE..!.)
On first play it sounded more like a “Heavy Clannad” than the “Metal” it was sold as Upload either band in fact and your media player will give the genre as” World Music” (MEANS: this music is too original for anyone to have built a pigeon hole around it yet )WT themselves tend to describe their music as “Symphonic Rock” rather than the “Goth Metal” tag more often applied (or “Celtic Metal” in response to this album)
Many reviews rightly stress Sharon den Adel ‘s powerful yet angelic vocals. But its rarely if ever noted she also writes herself near enough all the lyrics she sings (musical arrangements being largely down to partner Rob Westerholt and other band members)
Its the range and depth of WHAT she sings about every bit as much as HOW she sings that makes this a stand-out album: “Deceiver of Fools” marks her first real venture beyond Goth fantasy horror (eg Darkwings) into the far greater real –world horrors of ever recurring human conflict , and who and what causes them all ...Her delivery of the opening lines including “no light in the darkness is too small to see...” sounds ,to my ears at least , actually more Joan Baez than Kate Bush ....,only with a far more powerful “Attack Mode”
Anyone else who has only caught up with WT 10 years late can likely guess the rest –
-10 weeks or so later you’ve got the entire CD & DVD back catalogue(OK, bar the odd mysteriously elusive early single “B sides” and the bonus tracks that were added after the bonus tracks on the album versions you bought –you can download these, ONCE YOU KNOW THEY EXIST (usually) from the SING365 Lyric list)

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