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Within Temptation Biography

Last updated: 07/24/2012 12:00:00 PM

DELAIN lyrics arent even on Sing365 yet! Martijn Westergholt had to drop out of WT just before Mother Earth due to ME, and first set up Delain while still recovering.

Their 2nd Album "April Rain" will probably sound great to WT fans. Its a little pacier than WT, & you could say there's rather more metal and less symphonics in the mix.

Also, where just about any WT song can sand alone as a tale in itself, the April Rain songs are more like chapters around a single theme ( of a relationship that just dont work out). Charlotte Wessels wrote and sings the tale with that direct passion you really only hear from a singer- songwriter tellin it like it is /was !

Not a weak track nor any "filler" anywhere in earshot ...but then after all this band is literally WT "family " so thats what you'd expect!Best of all are the opening title track and "Stay Forever" straight after ,plus 2 great duets with Marco Heitala(Nightwish) on "Control the Storm" and the finale "Nothing Left"

UK WT fans to note: Delain are touring UK late March 2010-check out their website!!

Thanks to Dave B (UK,Leeds) for submitting the biography.