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Superchick Wishes Lyrics

Last updated: 01/12/2012 10:00:00 AM

The saddest thing is you could be anything, that you could want
We could've been everything, but now we're not
Now it's not anything at all
The hardest part was getting this close to you
and giving up this dream I built with you
A fairy tale that isn't coming true
You've got some growing up to do

I wish we could have worked it out
I wish I didn't have these doubts
I wish I didn't have to wonder just what you are doing now
I wish I didn't know inside
That it won't work out for you and I
I wish that I could stop this wishing and just say my last goodbye

After all the things you put me through
tell me why I'm still in love with you
And why am I, why am I still waiting for your call
You broke my heart, I'm taking it back from you
And taking back the life I gave to you
Life goes on before and after you
I've got some growing up to do

I wish we could have worked it out
I wish I didn't have these doubts
I wish I didn't have to wonder just what you are doing now
I wish I didn't know inside
That it won't work out for you and I
I wish that I could stop this wishing and just say my last goodbye

It's time I say my last goodbye
Goodbye, Goodbye, It's time I say my last goodbye

I wish we could have worked it out
I wish I didn't have these doubts
I wish I didn't have to wonder just what you are doing now
I wish I didn't know inside
That it won't work out for you and I
I wish that I could stop this wishing and
just say my last goodbye

It's time i said my last goodbye
Goodbye, Goodbye, It's time I say my last goodbye
its time i said my last goodbye
Goodbye, Goodbye, It's time I say my last goodbye

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Response | Reviewer: Sharilken | 1/12/12

I know the feel of losing a bestfriend "@hurts" I made some bad choices and chose lie>truth. None of my other friends I'm comfortable enough to be 100% open with and since then, everyday I keep getting worse..

Luvw8$ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/11

I agree with most people here- the fairy tale love dosn't exist.....for long. Its hust an emotional flare up. True love is being willing to look the persob in the eye and say every single day "i would die for you today". Its gettong in fi fights but knowing you'll both still be there in the morning. I just wish more teens could understamd why i refuse to say "i love you." Those three words are basically handing your soul to someone else and saying "keep this safe for me". I wanna save my heart for the right one.

hurts | Reviewer: anonymous | 6/9/11

my best friend and i are fighting.. we aren't talking anymore because she hurt me and instead of trying to fix things, she's busy wallowing in self pity and she doesn't see that i need her. we've been room mates and best friends these past four years and i don't know how to go on without her but she doesn't see me... only her own guilt.
so now i'm listening to songs, trying to find comfort in lyrics that i no longer have a best friend to turn to for.
hurts so friggin much

...... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/11

i went out with my bf for nearly 2 years, and he just started neglecting me and taking me for granted..we slowly started to see less and less of each other, until our relationship was virtually non-existant, i kept waiting for him to turn around and realise what was happening, but he never did...but i still love him so scarred for the relationship to end, but i know it has to, ive lost myself recently, and i need to get that back...although i would give anything for this to last forever, i just know it cant...i wish i could move on..

I love superchick! | Reviewer: GothicChic | 1/7/11

hi i love superchick's songs they r AWSOME! and i showed the first song i ever heard by superchick wich is courage to all my friends and now they love superchick! i wonder y there songs r not on the radio? but anyways SUPERCHICKS ROCKZ I LOVE SUPERCHICK AND THEY R THE BEST BAND IN HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

man this song brought back bitter sweet memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/10

this song reminds me of the husband and father that walked out on my children, me, our family and marriage... "The saddest thing is that... we could have been everything... you've got some growing up to do" :)

him | Reviewer: urgirl(: | 6/15/10

right when i heard this song of my friends myspace.
it clicked in my head! i was like woww this song relates to me & my ex!
we were great! for about 5 months then right when he took my virginity. he wasnt the same. he never texted me "good morning beautiful" every morning before he picked me up for school! its like me texting him goodmorning every day! he never looked at me like he did before! everything changed and i hated it! but maybe god just wanted it to be like that. but this song just reminds me of him so much(: i listen to it everyday & when i get ready for partys! i love it(:

(L) | Reviewer: fehjcb | 12/23/09

I love this song. It completely relates to me. I met this guy last year, and we like hit it off immediately, we ended up going out for about 4 months. It was so good. But like, one day after I'd been out with him and my friends, I freaked, and within about 10 seconds had dumped him. I regretted it soo bad, but you can't take it back can you? We cut off contact completely. Although I still saw him at school, I never talked to him anymore. And he had "things" with my friends, they all asked if it was okay first, and I had to just say "yeah, thats fine. i don't mind." when really i felt like screaming. He ended up going out with one of my best friends. But then treated her so badly, and dumped her. She was so upset, and I felt really bad for her, but I still liked him.. and was like "maybe he still likes me.. :/" i told him how i felt and we got back together, but stupidly i freaked again and dumped him. Now my best friends back with him, and he knows how I feel. I still like him, but I wish i didn't. It's so hard, literally "i wish i could stop this wishing and just say my last goodbye". We could have been everything, now we're nothing, and i regret it so much.

hmm it was horrible | Reviewer: cm | 9/6/09

hmm what it says in this song is excactly how i feel me and this guy went out for almost 2 years well uh year and 8months:P then he started likeing someone else i mean how could he just do that and the whole time he went out with her he told me every day that he loved me it just made it so much harder he made people think i was crazzy but he was the one that came to i still wanted him back he was my frist boyfriend i don't want anyone else but him its been almost uh year since we'v broken up and i still love him and he told me he still loves me to but yet he has uh girl friend i'm scared to try anything with angain:(

this song explains excatly how i feel at this point its uh great song:)

just dun know it is the right time | Reviewer: kelleysweetie | 9/1/09

there is just something wrong with us two. we couldnt take it back. we couldnt prettend it didnt happen. the guy in my story is going to take a law test. i dont wanna say goodbye at this time to ruin his mood and make bad effect on his test. i prettend i was happy , i smile when we do the video chat. however, my work is not making him happy. i just couldnt take it any more. dun know what to do , dun know the time to say goodbye. this song just gives me courage to finish the relationship. as it sings" life goes on before and after you" . cant get love without sacrifice.forget these bushiiit.

Love? | Reviewer: Trish | 7/8/09

This song is amazing. But it's not original.
This song speaks for every ending relationship.
Yeah, your probably the girl with the broken heart and still yearning for what 'USED' to be
but it's not the end of the world.

But Love is a big word. It shouldn't be thrown around so much, and some of these girls that say they were 'truly' in love seem a bit unrealistic.

No Offense.

It's just, I've learned that with every relationship you've got to move on. Tell from wrong from right. Truth from lies.

Assholes come and go but the right guy will stay
because he loves you. I've had my fair shares of assholes, that's why I know.
And the best part is, I'm getting married to the right guy.

True Love | Reviewer: Mel-knee | 3/11/09

I don't think true love exists and all the comments I've read have just convinced me of this. Love exists, but you have to work at it. There is no peaches and cream everything is perfect. And a lot of guys are jerks. We all know his, but it doesn't stop any of us from falling from and asshole or a stoner or someone we probably won't see ever again in our whole lifetime because we live too far apart. There is no such thing as perfect, and I have had my fair share of shitty one-way, three-way and all other kinds of ways relationships. But none of us can stop ourselves. We just have to stop expecting everything to end perfectly. Life isn't a fairytale. And I just want to say that some people never get over the mistakes they make. Chances are that these assholes all really regret what theyve done, but they don't deserve any girl anyway.

ahhh. | Reviewer: someone | 3/11/09

Once upon a time, I fell in love with someone who wasn't treating me that great. I stuck with him because we promised to never leave each other. One day, after countless months, I dumped him. It took a lot of help to get away from him; to be convinced that maybe he WASN'T Prince Charming. We tried to be friends, but I kept falling for him. He kept dragging me back in. I caught myself over and over, but what if I couldn't keep building that net to keep myself away? I told him never to talk to me again. Now I wonder where he is and how he is, but I can't ask. I can't talk to him without feeling so mad that I feel sick.

2 years and you left me for twins? | Reviewer: stacie tanksley | 2/5/09

I feel in love with this guy and he left me for twins. yes twins. we were together 2 years. i gave him a promise ring on new years eve and he had it sized and 2 days later he was gone. the twin girls both lost their boyfriends around the same time. he's always around them and yeah but this song makes me stand talk and know that it is time i said my last goodbye

My Dreams Are Really Nightmares | Reviewer: Ally Luongo | 12/11/08

there was this guy and i was in love with him and still am i gave him my heart i gave him everything we spend almost everyday together and we would make out and hold hands and go places together but we never went out and always the next day something special happened he would ask out some girl and i would be crushed but i would still love him and when he dumped them he would come back to me and we would hold hands and make out and go places together and then he would do it again but then one day he stopped coming over and i asked him why and he wouldnt tell me, now i still love him but even thought i dont see him and i wont ever see him again i still love him so much i dream of him ever single night and it drives me crazy ! i dont thinking about what hes doing now or who hes with or if he likes me even the slittist bit and i never wanna wake up from my dreams but now i know even though i still love him to death, i know that my dreams are really nightmares because i cant have what i want and because of them im forcused to cry and cry and hurt and hurt.