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More than 28 years after they were named the "Brightest
Hope" and the "Best New Group" in the influential British
music publications Melody Maker and Sounds, Wishbone Ash's
following and influence continue unabated. Founding members
Andy Powell and Ted Turner were voted among the top 20
guitarists of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine, and the
group's albums continue to be strong sellers around the

The story of Wishbone Ash began in July of 1966, when
Martin and Glen Turner met Steve Upton. The Turner
brothers' drummer had More...

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Review about Wishbone Ash songs
Errors Of My Way | Reviewer: K
    ------ About the song Errors Of My Way performed by Wishbone Ash

This song is brilliant. The guitar just stays in your head on replay it's so genius. The lyrics are meaningful and leave room for the music to speak for its self.

One of the best | Reviewer: Wendell Stewart
    ------ About the song Time Was performed by Wishbone Ash

Wishbone Ash is one of the greatest rock bands of all time in my opinion, and certainly one of the most under rated. They have a huge catalog of great music, and thanks to Andy Powell - they continue to shine today. Time Was is one of their many masterpieces. Be sure to hear the version on Live Dates II in addition to the original on Argus. Enjoy!

Forty Years | Reviewer: Jeff Morisse
    ------ About the song Time Was performed by Wishbone Ash

Ago I first heard my favorite album, yes, of all time!! Now that I near sixty years of age, I cannot make time change towards my benefit...however, that has no relevance towards my enjoyment of Argus. Sometime World, a summary that hits the target became ingrained in me...The best that was, the best that is, and the best that will ever be! Best Rock Album of 1972 according to Sounds and Melody Makers Magazines! But still ignored in the USA. Living near Chicago, I have carried the banner high. But even one of the best progressive rock radio stations, WXRT 93.1 FM, fails to feature any song from Argus even when they 'highlight' the best music in 1972. Forty years since Time Was, and the album stands tall with twin lead guitars, harmonies, and ROCK solid backing.

Maybe you missed this one way back in the day...Time Was is NOW, with just a few (6)...yes, six! other marvelous songs to make sure you know when Time Was...

percephone critics | Reviewer: Asim AlI kHAN
    ------ About the song Persephone performed by Wishbone Ash

this song by wishbone is a master piece. No doubt they created an out-of-this-world rock ballad (basically). The texture,Theme, lyrics, total composition and sweet-melancholy guitars in the song have really delivered an excellent n mind grabbing impact for listeners.Guitar works really match with the lyrics n main theme. Great Work.

need a change? | Reviewer: Surge
    ------ About the song Time Was performed by Wishbone Ash

The past can often haunt us. You remember the good times and the bad. And now, although it is the present, it's as though we are still chained by our memories, trying to figure out why things were good when they were, and what went wrong along the way. When your heart weighs heavy, you've got to be able to say "there is more than just what once was." Think of your past experiences as a stepping stone to today. Do you step into the future, or turn around. Brilliant song.

Centrepiece | Reviewer: andrew
    ------ About the song Phoenix performed by Wishbone Ash

This is a Wishbone Ash classic so often the centrepiece of their live shows. What makes this track so special is that the band performed it better live. Few bands could live with the mark one or mark two performances live in the 1970's epitomised by the way this number was played

great great great | Reviewer: BJ
    ------ About the song Time Was performed by Wishbone Ash

it was at the 2nd British Rock Meeting in Germany in 1971. What a great show. Great tune. Still rocks

Living Proof Wishbone Ash Still Rock | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Living Proof performed by Wishbone Ash

Saw the band in Aberdeen late 2005. The show was awesome. Living Proof was one of the highlights of the show. Andy Powell is still one of the coolest guys on the planet.

One of great Wishbone tracks written by Laurie Wisefiled et al. I believe. Wishbone are overdue a comeback (I know they've never been away) - but another shot at the top. Kids today would be gobsmacked at the classic Ash tracks - of which Living Proof is undoubtably one.

Mickey C.

old but fresh | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lady Whiskey performed by Wishbone Ash

lady whisky is a rock classic wite guitars at a tangent to the melody. haunting,memorable,what early ash did best.often still features in live shows today,still fresh,says it all.........well worth a listen......go for it!

blowin me away | Reviewer: tom robson
    ------ About the song Blowin' Free performed by Wishbone Ash

headbanging at its best but classy guitar to set it off!if this track dosnt get you movin then you are dead.pure rock,pure fun,pure magic.wishbone ash can mix it with the best but with a little extra thrown in.catch them on tour.blowin free blowin you away..........phew!!!

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