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This is the first day of my last days
I built it up now I take it apart
Climbed up real high
Now fall down real far

No need for me to stay
The last thing left I just threw it away
I put my faith in God and my trust in you
Now there's nothing more fucked up I could do

Wish there was something real
Wish there was something true
Wish there was something real
In this world full of you

I'm the one without a soul
I'm the one with this big fucking hole
No new tale to tell
Twenty-six years on my way to hell
Gotta listen to your big time, hard line, bad luck fist fuck
Don't think you're having all the fun
You know me I hate everyone

Wish there was something real
Wish there was something true
Wish there was something real
In this world full of you

I want to but I can't turn back
But I want to, but I can't turn back

Wish there was something real
Wish there was something true
Wish there was something real
In this world full of you

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Makes me feel alive | Reviewer: Skywalker | 5/30/14

Just a few days ago I saw the awesome Nin live show, and when they played this song, it just made me go wild! There's something about the feeling of it. Bad luck fist fuck! Notice he makes a gesture when he sings that part..
About all the covers: I found one by Behemoth. It's cool but not my thing.

Still undefeated... | Reviewer: The_zerb | 1/16/12

I bought this on MC (that´s an "oldschool" cassete tape for the iGeneration) back in ´92 when it first came out, and to this day it gets regular play.

To be honest I don´t particuularly like LP´s or Iconoclast´s version. They´re completely lacking in the "ultimately pissed off beyond all salvation" vibe of the original, and that´s actually a good bit of what makes it so badass.

Wish! | Reviewer: John Smith | 7/31/11

I first heard Linkin Park's version, thought it was good, but was live version cover and was sensored. Took me a while to adjust from Linkin Park to NIN, but I prefer NIN's version for it being theirs and unsensored. Plus, I didn't know the date of the song, from hearing LP's version I thought it was more up-to-date than it is. It quite amazed me, so that's another reason I think it's a good song and better version than LP's.

No way renzor in 5 levels upper linking . What ? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/11

Reznor Is a genius , lyrics , music , power .. Is innovation Is art .. If you cannot distinguish the quality .. Everything Is the same .. You can say toyota Is my favourite Car But If you say that Is better than a Ferrari ok the discussion Is over

Different lyrics | Reviewer: Kieran Miles | 2/26/11

"In this world full of you" I don't know what versions you lot are listening to or even how many versions there are but on the version I have which is defo "nine inch nails", it's "this will f*** you". I can quite clearly make him out saying it even though the guitar is paning a fair bit over the top.

Wish- | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/09

The original recording was a bit horrible because u couldn't hear the words but the version on beside you in time is awesome. the linkin park version is great but it doesn't have the same effect as the original

Linkin park sucks the big one | Reviewer: Gregorov | 1/11/08

linkin park in just some fruity sold out emo band.. I think its almost a disgrace cause this song was sung with anger by trent.. dont need some whiney bitch singing it

ouch | Reviewer: alexis | 10/15/07

i do love the linkin park cover. they did a terrific job but there's no way it compares to the original. i think it all comes down to whether or not you like industrial.
and i usually prefer the original to a cover.

Better Version | Reviewer: Ryan | 10/15/07

NIN's version is amazing, but there's a small underground band that does a cover far superior to Linkin Park's version. Check em out, I think they have the song on their page.


wish rlz | Reviewer: tung | 9/8/07

this song really rocks but if its sang by other bands like Linkin Park U'll see that it's absolutly awsome!!!!!!!!

Wish... | Reviewer: Faeriescar | 6/6/07

AS much as Linkin Park's cover was great, I shan't say that it was better than the original. I love the original much more because Wish is an angry song and what better way to convey anger than through the sound effects of industrial music :)

Still to each his own. Linkin PArk or NIN, this song is fantatsic

great lyrics | Reviewer: bi0nic | 4/16/07

the lyrics of this song are great , but john's right, linkin park sing it better than nin.Probably because it's less loaded with all that "industrial" , which isn't suitable for the song.Anyway Nine inch nails rockz!

Wish Rocks! | Reviewer: John | 1/13/05

Wish is an excellent song...I especially love the cover by Linkin Park

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