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Rascal Flatts Winner At A Losing Game Lyrics

Last updated: 12/22/2008 10:00:00 AM

Baby, look here at me
Have you ever seen me this way
I've been fumblin' for words
Through the tears and the hurt and the
I'm gonna lay it all out
On the line tonight
And I think that it's time
To tell this uphill fight goodbye

Have you ever had to love someone
That just don't feel the same
Tryin' to make somebody care for you
The way I do
Is like tryin' to catch the rain
And if love is really forever
I'm a winner at a losin' game

I know that baby, you tried
To find me somewhere inside of you
But you know you can't lie
Girl, you can't hide the truth
Sometimes two hearts
Just can't dance to the same beat
So I'll pack up my things
And I'll take what remains of me


I know that I'll never be the man that you need or love
Yeah, baby it's killin' me to stand here and see
I'm not what you've been dreamin' of


Oh, oh, if love is really forever
I'm a winner at a losin' game
Oh, I'm tired of losing
Oh, oh, oh-

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Nik | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/08

This song touches my heart so deeply. I cry everytime I listen to it. My boyfriend stops loving me anymore. So there is no use to be in his way, it rather hurts me to see his ignorance towards my true loving heart, just like it says in the song "it's killing me to stand here and see i'm not what you're dreaming of..." I love you so much, Bo. Why didn't you understand me? Honey, I wish we could be us again... I need you and miss you so much, hun...

almost relate | Reviewer: anonymous | 7/28/08

i can almost relate to this song, its on my
and me and my boyfriend have been together for a Year and he left on vacation with his family and i have no connection with im cause he is so far away. except on myspace. we only talked 3 times since he has been there and he is upset at me for what i did which i dont think was a big deal.
and it seems like he doesnt love me as much as he did before he left.
i Miss him soo much.
and i guess I'm the winner in this situation.=[

two hearts just can't dance to the same beat | Reviewer: brittany | 4/7/08

Last november I walked out on my husband, cause I didn't feel like he wanted me, and the sparks we had when we first got married weren't there. So a month ago my friend let me listen to the song and I cried. Like I could relate to it.
And I wanted to be back with my husband,.
We talked and he said it wouldn't work.
So I was like I guess two hearts just can't dance to the same beat, I was depressed for some time. But just last week he came to visit before deployed for iraq and we saw each other and the sparks were there.
And now were back together, standing strong...

Thanks for writing this song. Its sad but makes a lot of sense.

sad | Reviewer: anonymous | 4/7/08

I love this song. It relates so well to my family's situation and my situation. it sucks to know that the one you love doesn't love you back but as everyone always tells me, "there's someone out there for you. Dont get hung up one just one someone." it's so true.

P.S. love ya dad. hope it works out.

painful truth | Reviewer: annie | 3/22/08

the same happened to me
at first i didnt want to see it he didnt love me but he preferred to wish me good luck and say good bye and not just staying only for my sake
... now i can see that he was honest and i appreciate that

sad, but true. | Reviewer: payton | 2/15/08

This song hurts the heart. It gets to you. I think about all the things that have gone on between me and my ex and its just a horrible thing to look back upon. My ex said the same thing to me, "sometimes two hearts can't dance to the same beat". Its so depressing, but so true.

very true | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/08

if you really listen to the song and read the lyrics at the same time the song really makes since just because me and her dated once and i still love her doesnt mean we have a chance at it again i guess im to stubborn to let her go i guess though its was better to be with her once than to have never been with her at all

To the "T" | Reviewer: Dale | 2/2/08

My wife said she has fallen out of love with me and shes not happy. This song hits me hard. I love her dearly, but there isn't any in return. Only to her male "friend". Divorce has been started. Thanks for writing songs that actually relate to life's experiences.

I Can Relate | Reviewer: ??? | 1/28/08

I like I can relate to it. I am all to aware of what it is like ro love sombody that cant love you back.

That being said being a guy I am stubborn and am not ready to totally give up on her just yet like the song indicates. Maybe someday I will for now lets just say I like the song and can strongly relate to it.

truth hurts | Reviewer: jennifer | 1/18/08

i looove this song. it really describes me...i want to be with him mbut its a confusing situation....thanx for making songs that are soooo true to real life, rascal flatts