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Suburban Legends Win A Date Lyrics

Last updated: 09/17/2007 12:00:00 PM

You have got me spinning around
Crushing on you every time you're around
Tripping on every word that you say
From the way that I'm losing
to your powerful game

I treasure your name
Like the goddess of gold, it'll never change
Baited hooked and I'm ready to go
All you got to do is let me go

Just wanna win a date with you but
The gates are locked to your paradise
I've got the key to your heart
but you'll never know it
even after i sing you these lullabies

I love the perfect way you're looking every day
Banging on my heart till i finally say
you're the drug that i need
So hard for me to leave
Can put you in my wallet
I will follow my needs

Whisper your name
Forty times and the feelings hasn't changed
Laced with honey I close my lips
As I patiently wait for my chance at best

[Chorus x2]

I need you so very much it's my fault
All I really need is your love
Night after night when I think of us
Being together, I'll love you whenever oh yeah

[Chorus x2]

I wanna sing you lullabies
Even after I sing you these lullabies