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In his long and eclectic career, Willie Nelson has recorded
country music, standards, gospel, and much more. Now with
the release of Milk Cow Blues, his third album for Island
Records and his first blues release, Willie Nelson leaves
his mark on yet another chunk of the American musical

Milk Cow Blues combines the talents of Nelson, an array of
special guests, and the cream of the Austin, Texas blues
community. Guest stars on the album include B.B. King, Dr.
John, young singer-guitarist Susan Tedeschi, Keb' Mo',
Francine More...

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Review about Willie Nelson songs
sunny/<3no chance of rain in my heart | Reviewer: ann lee
    ------ About the song Uncloudy Day performed by Willie Nelson

Oh they tell me of a place at the rainbows end of a city that lay free from sinoh they tell me of a plthe clouds roll back the gates saing aide im home again.....place where at my joureys end. . The clouds roll way the gates swing wide im home again..... Oh the land oh un cloudy skys

Not Willie's | Reviewer: Doogie
    ------ About the song Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other performed by Willie Nelson

People, people... Willie Nelson did NOT write this song. It is from the 80's. Written and recorded/released by Ned Sublette in 1981. Willie had a tape of song for years and years and AFTER Brokeback Mountain came out he decided he ought to record a version of it himself for release, not thinking it would get any airplay.

And yeh, to the reviewer-dude who "brags loudest" on here.... umm.. time to come out of the closet already. You're obviously going nuts hiding your true identity.

What a surprise! | Reviewer: Joe Collins
    ------ About the song Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other performed by Willie Nelson

Why does it not surprise me that the person with the bigoted point of view chose to remain anonymous?
Doesn't the song even say that the one who denies it most is "most likely queer"?

Willie Nelson must be queer | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other performed by Willie Nelson

Don't know about the other country boys but this country boy ain't got a woman that would love to slip out. But I do have a feeling isn't that slips out every now and then. Kicking queers asses and raising hell

river boy lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song River Boy performed by Willie Nelson

I was born and raised on a River , its' the only life that I know fokes round here put a name on me and i hear where ever I go and they call me River- boy River-boy int nothing but a River boy this whole world don't hold much joy when you're nothing but a River-boy I do a lot of fishing to make my living you see I take my catch to the market place and the people call out to me and they say River-boy River-boy got any fish River-boy I sell my wears but no one cares for the feelings of a River-boy Theres a pretty girl at the market place and I see her there every day but when I try to talk to her I hear her papa say COME AWAY FROM THAT RIVER-BOY RIVER-BOY HE INT NOTHING BUT A RIF-RAF RIVER-BOY NO GIRL OF MINES GONNA WASTE HER TIME ON NOTHING BUT A RIVER-BOY I turn my boat back up the River to my old fishing place I feel this River is going to over flow from the tears running down my face coz I'm a River-boy River-boy int nothing but a River-boy this whole world don't hold much joy when you're nothing but a River-boy.

Glad you liked it | Reviewer: DLK
    ------ About the song Be There For You performed by Willie Nelson

Oddly enough this was originally a rock song. Small changes were made in the bridge and the tempo was slowed when Willie recorded it. My brother wrote it, so I know :-). What I love is Sheryl Crow on the background vocals.

Sigh | Reviewer: Alexandra
    ------ About the song Always On My Mind performed by Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson singing this song melts my heart! I get tingly every time I hear it! You can hear the emotion in his voice and you just want to forgive him! I have never heard anyone sing it as good as Willie, not even the King. This is a song I can listen to over and over again and not get tired.

So So Sad | Reviewer: DiamondDave
    ------ About the song They All Went To Mexico performed by Willie Nelson

I heard this on his new radio station here in DFW, LoneStar92.5, it's a nice peppy little song, Willie even sounds like he's trying to be cheerfull but you can hear the real sentiment of the song in his voice, I'd realised it was about friends and people close to him passing away by the time he got to "Where's My Sweetie, Where's the face, that lit dark corners every place.." that realy got to me. Translated, the spanish line in the chorus read, "I must Obey My Heart, They All Went To Mexico" to me sounds like he can't even bare to admit to himself that they are really gone, a sentiment everyone who's lost someone should be able to relate to. I have to say this is one of the saddest songs ever, and one of few that bring tears to my eyes everytime. (A Father's Love gets me every time too)

Under The Double Eagle | Reviewer: Don Sargent
    ------ About the song Under the Double Eagle performed by Willie Nelson

Is there words to this song> I heard a sailor sing this neatly 50 years ago while in the Navy. I have a set of words a man copied off a piano roll. Don't know if they are correct. Don Sargent. In your email answer be sure to use the song title for the subject

Down Yonder | Reviewer: Red_headed_stranger
    ------ About the song Down Yonder performed by Willie Nelson

Down Yonder is an instrumental piece featuring Willies little sister, I think her name is Bobbie. She's great on piano and Down Yonder is her part of the show.

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