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Dallas Frazier Will You Visit Me On Sundays Lyrics

Last updated: 02/24/2010 11:00:00 AM

Just outside these prison bars the hanging tree is waitin'
At sunrise I'll meet darkness and death will say hello
Darling touch your lips to mine and tell me that you love me
And promise me again before you go
Will you visit me on Sundays will you bring me pretty flowers
Will your big blue eyes be misty will you brush away a tear
The grave is filled with silence but if a sleeping man could hear
Darling would I hear your footsteps up there
[ strings ]
Promise me that time won't seperate me from your mem'ry
That you'll remember me until the days of silver hair
If not for you I know I'd lose my mind before the morning
Hold me close and tell me that you still care
Will you visit me on Sundays...
Will you visit me on Sundays...