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Typecast Will You Ever Learn Lyrics

Last updated: 08/16/2007 11:00:00 AM

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Verse 1:
So what's the point in all of this
When you will never change
The days have passed
The weather's changed
Should I be sorry
Could I be sorry

I did it all, all for you
Hoping you could see
Your eyes are dull
Your hands are clenched
Are we ready? Are we ready?

But you, you think about yourself
Only but yourself
But what about

Chorus 1:
Un-lonely nights
Romantic moments
The love, the love
What about them?
Throw it all away

Verse 2:
You know me well, you know it's wrong
Then what is it you feel?
You hide behind those perfect smiles
It won't fool me, cause you already did

Repeat Refrain, Pre-Chorus and Chorus

Chorus 2:
The perfect dates
The sweetest kisses
The love, the love
What about them?
Throw it all away

Repeat Verse 1

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