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Kneel down ye sinners, to
Streetwise religion
Greed's been crowned the new King
Hollywood's dream teens
Yesterday's trash queens
Save the blessings for the final ring-

Take a ride on the wild side
Wild side

I carry my crucifix
Under my death list
Forward my mail to me in hell
Liars and the martyrs
Lost faith in The Father
Long lost in the wishing well

Take a ride on the wild side
Wild side

Fallen Angels
So fast to kill
Thy kingdom come on the wild side
Our father
Who ain't in heaven
Plead thy name on on the wild side Holy Mary
Mother may I
Pray for us on the wild side
Wild side
Wild side

Name dropping no-names
Glamorize cocaine
Puppets with strings of gold
East L.A. at midnight
Papa won't be home tonight
Found dead with his best friend's wife

Take a ride on the wild side
Wild side

Take a ride on the wild side
Wild side

Gang fights
Fatal strikes
We lie on the wild side
No escape
Murder rape
Doing time on the wild side
A baby cries
A cop dies
A day's pay on the wild side
Wild side
Wild side
Tragic life on the wild side
Wild side
Wild side
Kickin' ass on the Wild Side

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My ears are bleeding!? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/11

How hard is it to do roving commentary on society's ills? Song like this are so base and simple a literal 7 yr. Old can write em. All it leaves us to is destitution and dread. Thanx for the inspiration. Makes me wanna blow up schools to save kids frOm a hopeless future. Offer us some life! Something to grow on, to heal the brokenness. Who was it? Jesus who said Father forgive them, for they know not what they sing?

Perfect sum up... | Reviewer: A person | 7/8/11

This song sums up the life Motley was surrounded by in the 80s, livin together in an appartment, sneaking in through the back window with 3 girls in every bed... if you read the books, this song matches perfectly...

Please. | Reviewer: Davis | 3/5/11

To reviewer RLS- It ain't a movie & there is no protagonist. If you've lived in a city and seen some of the savagery, you'd recognize that. Not a knock, nothing wrong with the burbs.

Just a song about the ugly you see when you hang out in ugly places. If you are out ripping it up late at night with drugs and bad people (as these guys were at the time/are?) you're going to be exposed to some ugly shit. Some people thrive in the chaos. Maybe there's a bit of that here too.

So True | Reviewer: A Dancer | 9/14/09

This song sums up life for real, unless u are one of thise silver spooned bubble people still breast feeding.

Have danced in adult clubs for years...that is as raw as life gets folks..".A day's pay on the wild side"

Message for Confused | Reviewer: Crue Fan | 7/16/08

Confused, I just read in the Heroin Diaries that Nikkia refers to the lyrics of Wild Side as "a raped ad dismantled version of the Lord's Prayer." (from July 18, 1987 entry, pg. 223 of hard cover version) Hope that helps. Of course, when I saw that, 20 more questions popped in my mind. Wouldn't it be great to be able to talk to Nikki about what was going through his mind when he wrote most of his songs?

So True | Reviewer: Wild Side | 3/29/08

You know as a kid i grew up in inner city L.A. in the 60s and this song totaly describes everything that happend on a day to day basis.Motley Crue puts out the truth about life and not all this sugar-coated bullshit we see on the news and in Rap music videos.All these Rap stars are all talk,half of them never have seen a real "hood", but Motley Crue and other 70s and 80s rock bands lived through the bullets and the blood and rock out to the truth.Amen.

Confused. | Reviewer: RLS | 9/8/07

Read the lyrics and it sounds like it's written by half Satan worshippers (with a capital 'S' you notice) and half liberalist do-gooders who want to point out the errors of our ways as a society and a wee little bit by a priest. Honestly!

Which side is this song supposed to be taking?

Mind you I like the sound it carries, like the band, etc. Just not sure what the message is ????

Wrong lyrics | Reviewer: Norma | 6/13/07

NOT dick in your ass....it is Thy Kingdom come on the wildside

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