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RCA Records beautiful pop vocal trio is back! Wild Orchid
returns with a new attitude, a new style, new grooves, and
a new album. Oxygen encompasses the life experiences,
dreams, pains, and passions of the three Wild Orchid
women--Stacy Ferguson, Stefanie Ridel, Renee
Sandstrom-whose magical vocal blend and universal lyrics
are mesmerizing, touching the innermost regions of the

A collection of 12 songs, Oxygen is provocative and fun,
filled with an emotional depth that comes only with growth
both as performers and as women. More...

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Review about Wild Orchid songs
Beautiful... | Reviewer: Nafisa Nazeer
    ------ About the song At Night I Pray performed by Wild Orchid

I remember when I first heard this song. I was so enchanted by it because when I listened to it, there was this special spark in my heart. It related so much to me also. It was so well made. I've been in love for a long time, and sometimes I can never can get over them. The two boys in my life brought something to my life that I never ever forgot. Sometimes I pray about them and them in my life. I know they are somewhere, and I pray to God for them. And I still do now.

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