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Wild Orchid Biography

Last updated: 07/02/2000 02:09:25 AM

RCA Records beautiful pop vocal trio is back! Wild Orchid returns with a new attitude, a new style, new grooves, and a new album. Oxygen encompasses the life experiences, dreams, pains, and passions of the three Wild Orchid women--Stacy Ferguson, Stefanie Ridel, Renee Sandstrom-whose magical vocal blend and universal lyrics are mesmerizing, touching the innermost regions of the soul.

A collection of 12 songs, Oxygen is provocative and fun, filled with an emotional depth that comes only with growth both as performers and as women. With eight songs co-written by Wild Orchid-including the first single "Be Mine," the mid-tempo "Holdin' On" and the tear soaked "Wasted Love" - Oxygen examines the intense emotions, ambitions, and heartaches of Stacy, Stefanie, and Renee. Oxygen offers solid proof that Wild Orchid is one of the quintessential classic girl groups of today and tomorrow.

Oxygen, like its three twentysomething members, touches upon many different moods. Explains Renee, "We wanted the album to be as diverse as the three of us. We have songs that make you wanna dance, songs that make you wanna sit back and groove, and songs with words that'll rip your heart apart. We always like to have many interesting elements going on. With Oxygen, we've accomplished that."

After writing nearly 30 songs, the trio selected the 12 that would appear on Oxygen, and then met with various producers. Since Oxygen is, without a doubt, Wild Orchid's album, the trio needed to work with producers who were also good collaborators. Because when Stacy, Stefanie and Renee are in the studio, they prefer to work with the producer, not for him.

Like its eponymous debut, Oxygen finds Wild Orchid working closely with A&R executive producer, Ron Fair, who signed the trio to RCA five years ago. Among the Fair productions are the bouncy remake of "Our Lips Are Sealed," and the rythmic pop with a bluesy twist of "Be Mine," and the funky and unique "You're No Good (But I Like It)". Manuel Seal (Usher and TLC) added to the album with the powerful mix of "Declaration." Oxygen features other gifted pop and R&B producers such as Rudy Perez (Julio Iglesias and Luis Miguel) on the soulful ballad "Come As You Are," and Full Force (Lisa Lisa and the Backstreet Boys) on the mid-tempo jam "Holdin' On."

With childhood's steeped in Hollywood showbiz careers, Stacy, Stefanie, and Renee have been believing and following their dreams for quite some time. Individually, the three distinct personalities have appeared in numerous commercials and sitcoms. "Stacy and I met on the set of a television show, while I met Stefanie several years later in high school," explains Renee.

Once Renee introduced Stefanie to Stacy, the three were inseparable. "From the start, we knew we wanted to form a group," continues Renee. "By 1990, we formed Wild Orchid and began developing our vocal style. And not long after that we met with Marta Marrero, our personal manager, from that meeting on she began the development of our songwriting skills. We were and remain very focused, and with Marta at the helm, we became more determined to succeed in our career."

Within four years, the trio landed a publishing deal with Sony Music Publishing. Explains Stefanie, "Through that relationship we met Ron Fair at RCA, and that's when the record deal happened. It certainly didn't happen overnight." Stacy concurs, "It's been a lot of hard work and determination. It's so important when you have a goal, you've got to be driven. You must have the determination to accomplish the goal. You've got to believe in your dreams."

Since the release of its self-titled debut album, Wild Orchid has been unable to escape the spotlight. Armed with numerous hit singles, including "At Night I Pray," "Talk To Me," "I Won't Play The Fool," and "Supernatural," Wild Orchid has, in addition to performing throughout America and Asia, become a media sensation. They have appeared on Access Hollywood, Hard Copy, VIBE, and Soul Train. At the request of E! Network, Wild Orchid has hosted E! FYE and the E! Gossip Show.

In addition to their release of Oxygen, 1998 has brought the girls an exclusive wardrobe and promotional agreement with GUESS? "Our partnership with Wild Orchid is a milestone in GUESS? history. This the first time that GUESS? has been associated with a recording group in an exclusive agreement and we are very excited about it." Said Julie Kurtzman, Director, New Media and Promotions of Guess? Inc. "Renee, Stephanie and Stacy project the sexy, young and adventurous spirit that is GUESS?"