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David Bowie Wild Is The Wind Lyrics

Last updated: 09/12/2013 05:55:31 AM

Love me, love me, love me, love me,
say you do
Let me fly away with you
For my love is like the wind,
and wild is the wind
Wild is the wind

Give me more than one caress
satisfy this hungriness
Let the wind blow through your heart
Oh wild is the wind, wild is the wind

You touch me, I hear the sound of mandolins
You kiss me
With your kiss my life begins
You're spring to me, all things to me
Don't you know you're life, itself!

Like the leaf clings to the tree,
Oh, my darling, cling to me
For we're like creatures of the wind,
and wild is the wind

Wild is the wind

Wild is the wind

Wild is the wind

wild is the wind

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my favourite Bowie song - even if he didn't write it | Reviewer: John Reiter | 9/12/13

Bowie has been my favorite artist for decades. He adds "class" and his own touch to any song, be it written by him or a cover version. He has an uncanny ability to play with the lyrics such as mentioned below with "life it's hell" and of course the Aladdin Sane - a lad insane. Bowie is simply a musical genius and enigma.

what a song! | Reviewer: natalie | 6/3/13

as for me Johnny Mathis' version is really nice and somewhat more joyful and light can be perfect for weddings. nina is great as always but also kinda sad, very sad, almost grieving (for funerals).
Bowie's is my favourite because it is the only one that is really wild and David sings the Wind, the wild wind, and yet it remains a song about love and passion. the wind blows through your heart when listening to this and it is owerwhelming and a little painful because it is so big that it hurts to handle , just like love. i am not such a big fan of Bowie , but some songs i like , this one i listened to thousands of times and it hurts every time. unbelievable performance. just unrealistic.

Love this song and the album it comes from | Reviewer: Cath | 7/23/12

I have a video of his interview "an earthling at 50" in 1997 with Melvin Bragg which was possibly one of the best Bowie interviews I have seen. Melvin was either a fan or just did his research and asked great intelligent questions. If I recollect Melvin said something like you have spent alot of your career with a different persona with ziggy stardus, thin white duke etc. Of all your songs are there are any that are just YOU and Bowie answered Wild is the Wind. To me this makes this song even more special.

Bowie slightly alterated the lyrics! | Reviewer: Willem | 12/21/11

Anyone noticed the slight alteration Bowie made to the lyrics? The second time he sings "don't you know your life itself" he actually sings, quite sarcasticly in my opinion, "don't you know your life, it's hell"... This alone makes his version unique.

Bowie then Nina, and Nina then Bowie | Reviewer: leslie | 10/14/11

I re discover my vynil disk after years ; france inter radio in France was transmitting the Bowie's song of "Wild is the Wind" and I immediately remembered him ; i looked immediately in my pile of old disks and found it back, you can't imagine how i was glad to hear him again on Daily Motion and right now on my old pickup i have abandoned. I have been listening on and on for the "Station" album of David Bowie and now I'm listening also Nina Simone : it's different and very beautiful too !!!!

Bowie's Best | Reviewer: Angie | 7/17/11

I have been a Bowie fan for what seems like eons and have heard it all. I do not have a favorite, but in my opinion, Wild Is The Wind is the one that best demonstrates Bowie's awesome vocal abilities. I get chills every time I hear it. Awesome. Just awesome.

Just Heard It | Reviewer: Cheese is Awesome | 1/14/11

I just heard this song for the first time ever and am ashamed to say i had never heard it before even though i say im a David Bowie fan, shame, shame on me for not hearing this awesome, awesome song. I loved it. I wish more people would see the amazingness that David Bowie is and appreciate just how instrumental he is in changing the way music is in the world. A-mazing.

Best version | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/10

In my humble opinion the David bowie version recorded live at the BBC is the best one. This one became our first dance song. I guess its the live sound that really brings out the true spirit of the song. The studio version I also find a bit narrow in comparison. You can watch the clip on youtube called :"David Bowie live at the beeb". Enjoy!

I don't agree with Lexi | Reviewer: Jake | 4/3/10

David Bowie's version is far better than Nina Simone's. Maybe Bowie's vocal range is not as strong as Simone but the way he sings is total different and very very touchable. Damn! I even cry sometimes when I hear this. Barbra Streisand's version is very boring, George Michael's version is better but compare to Bowie, it's nothing.

masterpiece! | Reviewer: Hugh | 3/26/10

I first heard it on "Station to Station" album, David Bowie sung it perfectly and still his version is my favorite. Simply beautiful and touchable. George Michael's version was average, although I'm a big GM fan.

Lance u crazy | Reviewer: Lexi | 12/15/09

Nina Simone is one of the all-time greatest performers... nothing compares to her rendition of Wild is the Wind, esp with her piano virtuosity. I just don't get the David Bowie version. It has a very narrow range and no instrumental chops in it.

some additional comments | Reviewer: Coffee Dramatist | 12/3/09

Mark, your response to Lance contains a mistake. Neither Bowie nor Simone wrote this song, but N. Washington and D. Tiomkin.

For my part, i think the greatest version is the wonderful Bowie rendition. By chance i discovered the Simone version and was very much impressed as well. Continue however to prefer Bowie.

The Streisand rendition i find quite flat. She has done much better songs. And the version of George Michael is for my ears horrendous and boring, although i find him to be a very good singer ohterwise.

Lance, your comment surprises me much, even when allowing the freedom of taste. However, Bowie happens to be one of the few singers in Pop and Rock with 2 great advantages: a very good voice in many ways and a very trained voice in addition to it.
Hence the part "Bowie surprisingly handles flawlessly" surprises me quite a bit.

nina simone | Reviewer: Mark | 9/9/09

In response to lance:

The version you mean is the original version by Nina Simone. So it's a bit difficult to say she doesn't have the pipes for it because she wrote it. And if you know Nina Simone just a bit u would know she is an awesome singer.

But I to like the version of David Bowie better because he made the song more epic.

Its tha most touching song I have ever heard in my whole live | Reviewer: andrea botsaris | 2/14/09

David Bowie as I never liked wether your songs nor your appearance in the 60s and 70s, I do adore this song and I especially love the live version of it when you were live at the Beep of BBC. There is nothing stronger and more touching than this song of all the music I have ever heard in all my life.

Stunner, almost unknown | Reviewer: lance | 1/7/09

This is a good attempt at the ultimate torch song, with a beautiful arrangement and a difficult vocal range that Bowie surprisingly handles flawlessly. In fact, the range is so wide, it left me wondering if it was somehow enhanced in the studio. No matter, it is lovely and stunning, though the lyrics are a bit over the top, almost kitschy. As with many Bowie songs, it is up to us to decide if it is done in earnest or tongue-in-cheek.

I was reminded of this song by hearing an inferior though interestingly delivered version in the trailer for the new movie, Revolutionary Road. Whoever sings that does not have the pipes for it.