Widespread Panic Lyrics

Widespread Panic is a band that transends the boundaries of
rock and roll. They have been influenced by various
styles, genres, and artists. Something very easly
distinguished in their playing style and lyric
composition. Their music can lift you up above heavenly
clouds as well as soften your fall back to earth.

Widespread Panic is a truly genuine Live band!! They
produce an energy imcomprable. It is my personal belief
that a Widespread Panic concert is far more then a show, it
is an experience that you will remember for the More...

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Review about Widespread Panic songs
My new favorite WSP tune | Reviewer: Mick
    ------ About the song Hatfield performed by Widespread Panic

Without knowing the story of Charles Hatfield and his brother, this became my favorite song that Widespread Panic performs. Now that I researched the background of Hatfield it means even more to me, especially in the current drought of '12 in my area! Great song from a great band

no title | Reviewer: jill
    ------ About the song Sparks Fly performed by Widespread Panic

Feel him pushing on the gas like a motherless wife

should be

Playin' footsie on the gas like the love of his life

One Of the finest and first | Reviewer: Chico Torez
    ------ About the song I'm Not Alone performed by Widespread Panic

The simple lyrics, cut through for me today..They help as any one may use them...I'm not alone, I am blue......

thank you | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Driving Song performed by Widespread Panic

This song wakes me up every day. It is like they see the world with my eyes and soul and it erodes the pain left lingering in my withered heart. So plain and simple but, saddening to my sixth sense of conscious awareness.
I have heard of this band for years and caught tail ends of their songs on college radio but, have never purchased a CD until recently. In an age of music monotony they have redeemed my hope for original music and songs with personality. Please continue to inspire me with your soft, touching lyrics and music.
I am and will continue to be a loyal fan!

Le Pooh | Reviewer: Max
    ------ About the song Blight performed by Widespread Panic

All I gotta say is this song is without a doubt one of the best songs ever. Fricken Schools yelling in the background during this played live is ridiculously hypnotic.

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