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I Need Everybody All Around Do World To Listen
Im Going To Talk About What People Have A Hard Time Talkin About
Pay Close Attention

[Verse 1:]
Many Dayz I Cryed My Self to sleep
Many Dayz I Asked God To Take Me
Cause I Knew I Was Goin Down the wrong Road
Didnt Nobody Care aint Wanna Know...
Got A Bottle Of Pills Filled To The Top
Now I Dont Care About Life, fukin Let It Stop
25 Years Old And Im Loosing My Mind
Trynna Take These Pills to take my life

Oooh Why
Why Do I PAIN This Way
In My Life
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O0o0o O0o0
And I Cant Lie
Some Times I Feel Like I Just Wanna Break Down And Cry


[Verse 2:]
Single Mom With Five Kids
And Uh
Still Thinking To My Self
Tell Me What It Is
Why You Stay Wit A Dude That Stay Locked Up
You Know He Got Hella Hoes And They Stay Knocked up
Tell Me Why Are You Giving Him A Chance
Cause Baby Girl You Know He Aint A Good..ood Man-

Oooh Why
Why Do I Fill This Way
In My Life
Tell Mee can You Tell Mee
And I Cant Lie
Some Times I Fill Like I Just Wanna Break Down And Cry
Oooooooo Oooooooo

[Verse 3:]
Ummmm Quick To Cock Back You Hand
And Call Her A Bitch
You The Man Of The House And You Think Your The Shit
But Were You Go When You Fell Like Your Down In The Dirt
When You Go When You Fillin All The Pain And Hurt
And Where You Go When Your Pockets
Are Low And You Cant The Shit To Put In you arm No More
Man I See boy You Lost To The World
You Forgot About You Son And Your Baby Girl

Oooh Why
Why Do I Fill This Way
In My Life
Oh Oh Oooooo Oh Oh
Tell Me
And I Cant Lie[no i cant lie to you]
Some Times I Fill Like I Just Wanna Break Down And Cry

Oooh Why
Why Do I Fill This Way
In My Life
And I Cant Lie
Some Times I Fill Like I Just Wanna Break Down And Cry!!

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why | Reviewer: sheegoo | 12/12/11

Ayee thiss shitt reallyy hadd mee thinnknn. Thiss songg goee thoee iLikee itt , itt makee youu reallyy thinkk twicee bouu beingg withh uhh niggaa , makee youu wanaa reallyy see if HE worthh all yoo ' timee. Kausee somee peoplee relationshipss bee jushh likee thiss songg or similar too itt .. thaa songg iss soo REAL , reallyy listenn too itt andd ishh gonee havee youu thinknn. Thesee lyricss gooee..

wat i relize); | Reviewer: funsize361 | 8/25/11

damn wat i had relize is tha been played & dont respect my feelin it aint worth it cryin for sumthinq tha aint worth it wen my life is still goinq on life is hard we only get to shots in life and as a teenaqer is hard thers alot of stuff to take of love hurts bring pain and seems u didnt care but idk cryin lettin my tears out na just aint worth it at all no): wat i notice is tha i aint ready for a relationship im just gonna take care of my lil brothers 7 sister stay in school and keep writtin my music cuz tha wat i wanna do aint nuthing gonna stop tha i just wanna thanks my homegurl for alwayya beinq there for me no matter wat cuz i knw in a life time ill find tha speacil sum 1...... LIVE UR LIFE TO THA FULLEST

feeling lost | Reviewer: patricia | 2/16/11

this song hit it right on the nose there always responsibilites that are always left to be tooken care by the next and its hard to be able to live your life when theres nothing but envious and jealous people around you i spend more time watching my back than living life and its sad but its survival of the fittest but this song speaks alot of truth and it brings understanding to ones soul knnowing that everything doesnt have to be held in LET IT OUT it helps

Thank you amanda perez thank you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/10

the 1st part of this song is me 100% i just can't take life no more. As a teenager you got alot 2 worry about school,parents,boys,and what people think of you. Sometimes when you explain what your going through people just laugh in your face and talk bad about you. But when you try to make everything better for yourself they call you crazy stupid emo everything you can thing of. This song lets me know im not alone in this world im not the only one going through these problems. Big up's to amanda perez !!!

Amor Las Vegas | Reviewer: Amor | 5/15/10

Many girls go tho this ever day. its sad how we have your arms open for the same dude and he plays you again...think about what your going to do with your life...you don't need a man to make you feel good about your self..my ex's made me eyes not by his help i saw when his was making out with my best friends...i see many girl that come to me and ask me why them, why now, but i love him...when u love some one and that person keeps hurting you then you have to let go its like what they say when you love some its best to let go...think about your future and if his right one to be with...open your eyes before its to late...you don't a girl or boy friend to make you feel good about your self that your job not their...i was on drugs and other stuff but then i have to stop for my son and from starting a knew life I'm 17 and his daddy is lock up so i know what the song is talking about=(

why | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/10

"Why" by Amanda Perez is amazing! i could really relate to it.., well not everything! many of us as teens take "love" to serious, say we love some one when we really dont know mean it becuz we dont know what it mean to "be in love" we go to the extreme we keep out arms open n let them come back some times they only come back to use us.its sad how girls get caught up in situations like that. u shouldnt stay with some one that treat u like shit, we all deserve the best

): | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/10

will ever since i heard this sonq i forqet about all the stuiped shit i did over a quy and my friendz like i would cut my self and i would take pills and i would tell everyibe that i want to die over a quy but i know he dose'nt know how much he hurt me but then he went out with one of my friends and know we do not like eachother cuz of him her and i were really qood friend but he had to do that to meee
i would alwayz be in my room cryin miself to sleep and i would never qo out like i use to but my life chanqed when we qot apart he told me that he loves me and nver wanted to let me qoo but he waz just liein to me:(

This song relates to me | Reviewer: Brianna | 2/3/10

this song is one of my favorite songs by Amanda perez because it relates to my life.... well not all of it... I am bipolar and i have depression issues. i am on medication for being suicidle and for cutting and when i listen to this song it makes me think why would i let all the stupid crap in my life like guys, friends, school people, and just stupid stuff affect my self.why kill myself just because they did something to me? why let them win? I shouldnt want to hurt my self or kill myself just to give them power. I should stand up for myself and want to live and not want to ruin my body. i just have to think of all the people who love me like my family and friends and my boyfriend. they wouldnt want to see me hurt or dead. i am young so i should look forward to the rest of my life.

MY FAV SONG=] | Reviewer: SHANNON | 12/1/09

I love this song so much because i just now listened to it and for the past month ive been going through alot. I tried to commit suicide and was put in a psychiatric hospital, got diagnosed with depression and manic depressive disorder and listening to this song kind of helped my final recovery. Ive listened to this song about 25 times and I know it by heart and I have yet to get sick of it. though the part talks about the guy, my favorite part is when she says where you go when you Feel like you're down in the dirt, where you go when you're feelin all the pain and hurt. I have been really lost and living in the past because I didnt make amends with the people that have hurt me, I ignored the ones that were there truly trying to help, but now I can honestly say Im ready to live my life normal, be cautious about people but, not to the point where I seek revenge on people that dont deserve it.

Amanda My Wife | Reviewer: Lesbo_213 | 9/28/09

I love her i say everyone should listen to her music every single song jus touches you and she sings the reality whats actually happenin.... Ive been listenin to her for many many years and will continue being my fav singer!! I love amanda perez!! Ma sexy studsben!!

Nicoleee. (: | Reviewer: Brittney | 4/27/09

This is is AHAMAZINGGGG. seriously i love it she does speak the truth && i dont know what it feels like to want to take your life and i dont have kids or anythinq but for people who is qoin throuqh these kinds of thinqs listeninq to amanda perez will help you for the better she is a wonderful sinqerrr. && has an amazinqq voiceee.

Hear this, true life... | Reviewer: Patty :D | 4/20/09

ive been in a situation like this so many times i reccomend this song foe any girl like me that braks down from deppresion and so sick about life, i popped a big bottle of pills and wanting to stay out of breathing because knowing that no one will ever know how you feel about youself only you. amanda i love you for making your music its like your looking at my life and writig every single detail about it. i saw in some concert as i cried and waved my hand at you and you said i see you bby girl lol just want you to know it was one of my favorite moments :) well keep your slick music in my life...it what feeds my soul

Is my Life | Reviewer: Sandy | 2/19/09

I just want to say that I love Amanda Perez, I swear when I first heard this song I was like damn is she talking bout me. Crazy shit Im a single mom with 5 kids and my man is always locked up and when he was out he was MIA until he needed me. I think this song needs to go on the radio.

Honey from Cali

dis da shit right here! | Reviewer: mz lynn | 10/13/08

this song is hella clean!!! not only that but its very deep and it speaks the truth. its not just your ordinary song,it actually has meanig to it. people need to listen to this song lyk 4realz! "She speaks nothin but the truth." Amanda jus keep doin da damn thang.......

I LOVE HER | Reviewer: INDIA | 8/10/08


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