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Kirk Franklin Why We Sing Lyrics

Last updated: 03/23/2014 05:50:36 PM

Someone asked the question
Why do we sing?
When we lift our hands to Jesus
What do we really mean?

Someone may be wondering
When we sing our song
At times we maybe crying.
And nothings even wrong

I sing because I'm happy
I sing because I'm free
His eye is on the sparrow
That's the reason why I sing

You're the reason why I sing

I give the praises to You

You're the reason why I sing

And when the song is over
We've all said
In your heart just keep on singing
And the song will never end

And if somebody asks you
Was it just a show
Lift your hands and be a witness
And tell the whole world

And when we cross that river
To study war no more
We will sing our songs to Jesus
The one whom we adore

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SING for the glory of God.. | Reviewer: DARLENE MONEY GREEN.. | 3/23/14

We have PRAYER every night on our four WAY phone line,and my DAUGTHER broke out and song, it surprise me I haven't heard it so long,and sound just as good as it was when it first came out,LOVE this song...

This song is inspiring | Reviewer: Akwukwaegbu Ifesinachi Gracious | 1/24/13

This song has given me every reason to sing always. I sing this song not because i want to sing or i know how to sing but because any time i sing it i'm always happy because it's a soul lifting song. I thank God for blessing me through the message in this song. Kirk franklin God bless you for blessing peoples life with your songs.

I appreciate God alot | Reviewer: Frank j.m. Toe | 2/29/12

God in his infinate love and mercy has blessed me through this song. This song gives me another reason to worship God beyond my limitation and perception about life and about myself. Thank God for you Kirk, and just continue to allow God to make for himself name in your life. This song is a blessing to me. God's bless you all.

I love this song | Reviewer: iris | 7/28/11

I love this song it's very uplifting and the words are very spiritual. It's really true and a part in the song when he sings " and when the song is over we've all said amen " in your heart just keeps on singing and the song will never end.I listen to gospel but in the end WHY WE SING is still in my head. it's god, it's powerful.

Song Of Praise | Reviewer: Music Is Life | 3/15/09

I love this song. I remeber at my grandpa funeral I song this song and I made a promise to myself that I was never going to sing again, but just the words to the song made me realize why I sung in the first place so it made me realize who I was when I sing.

why we sing | Reviewer: Brian | 12/21/08

This is a very amazing and spiritual song, I just can't stop playing it. but I just don't understand one line in this song and really feel like I should know the whole song. it's that line when the whole choir sings but it starts with when I walked ....... it seems I can't pick the words right after that statement and they seem to be testifying words. can somebody help me send me the words because I cant find them in any of the on line lyrics. please send them on my email written on top of this page. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/08

i love you and almost all your music. it touches my heart when i need a closer walk with GOD now while i'm going through helth trails these song bring joy true joy to my heart. GOD bless you and your family keep trying to do and be the best son of GOD YOU CAN BE

keep on keepin on | Reviewer: jay | 2/16/08

kirk when i heard that song come on the radio i started to chage the station until i realized that that song let me know that when i sing a song and i start too cry and some one ask me why sing i say i sing because im happy i sing because im free glory hallelujha thats the reason why i sing

Annointing | Reviewer: I.Love.The.Lord | 12/2/07

This song has the annointing!! Still to this day I can relate and I sing this song to praise His name. Kirk Franklin did an excellent job.

all these songs | Reviewer: Kia | 10/7/07

this song is so wonderful and i love it so much i could listen to this song all the time thats how much i love it