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Lost Trailers Why Me Lyrics

Last updated: 04/11/2010 11:00:00 AM

Sometimes I go walking through the long tall grass
Wonder how long hard times will last
For this backward soul on a road that god knows where
As hard as I try ain't left no track
It's not enough to find my way back
I hit the ground like broken glass and just lay there

Singing why me, oh why me
And I throw another empty bottle up against the wall
And I say why me, oh why me
But pitty never ever did me any kinda good at all
So I walk on

Verse II
And I wound up on the capital steps
Watching the lobbyists smoking cigarettes
And bury their shoes in the country club blues
And who got who by the short hairs

Standing there in their high dollar suits
Looking down at my tattered old jeans and boots
And this weathered guitar that seems to follow me everywhere
God it follows me everywhere

Playing why me, oh why me
All I got's another song about how money makes and breaks the law
And I sing why me, oh why me
I'm just a broke troubadore with a bark for the underdog
So I walk on

Verse III
Now I ain't Jesus, but I can relate
To a man looking death square in the face
Even he hit his knees with a plea in the garden of gethsemane
To his holy father he raised his eyes
In his darkest hours he cried
Please would you take this cup from me

Praying why me, oh why me
Knowing all the while he had to carry that cross and hang there
When I say why me, oh me
I know that somewhere up in heaven there's a big old book with my name there
So I walk on, I rock on
Even when I'm singing, why me, I rock on
Even when I'm singing, why me, I rock on
Even when I'm singing, why me

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Touched | Reviewer: Candace Leddington | 4/5/10

Absolutely love this song. Got in a wreck nearly 3 years ago where they said I'd die but I'm still here, can't walk to good but compared to Jesus I have it good. Love this song, trying to find it I'll get the album as soon as I run across it.

Mistakes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

Everything that I have capitalized is the corrected word or phrase that needs to replace whatever was typed in the original document

line 3: for this BACKWOODS soul on a road TO god knows where

line 4: AND hard as i try I ain't left no tracks

line 5: AT LEAST not enough to...

Line 9: and i SING why...

Line 13: watching the lobbyists smoke THEIR cigarettes


Line 33: AND I SING why me, oh WHY me

Line 35: so i ROCK on, i rock on