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Gavin DeGraw Why Do Men Stray Lyrics

Last updated: 06/22/2009 11:00:00 AM

Why do the men stray
Why do the women pray
Why do the men fight
Why do the women sympathize

Whoa it was easier before I loved
Before this heart was turned to stone
Before this blood was stirred and blood was spilled
No one was ever meant to be alone

Why do the birds sing
What do they call that thing
Why do the bombs boom
We're running out of living room

Our needs getting needier and needier
More lies are told until they're truth
Until the messages are massacred
Old men get all their killing done with youth

Why do the men stray
Why do the women pray
Why do the men fight
Why do the women sympathize

All these wooden houses
Light themselves on fire in turn
Oh but someday there will be nothing left to burn
Oh someday there will be nothing left to burn

Someday someday someday someday

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Why Do The Men Stray by Gavin DeGraw | Reviewer: shelbystaygoldcsws | 6/20/09

Why Do The Men Stray by Gavin DeGraw.
This song is off of Gavin DeGraw’s newest album “Free”. I think this song is about war. Not a specific war, just war. Not war in U.S. – war anywhere. Usually, when a war Is started men leave their homes leaving their families very upset. This song mentions the men straying, and the women praying. The men stray into the war, while the women are probably praying for a safe return.

The men are now fighting in this war. The women are sympathizing, probably because they can imagine all the horrors of war. Gavin is probably saying that before he really looked at what was going on it was easy to not see war does to people. Maybe in realizing this and the massive amounts of blood that was probably lost in this war. His heart turned to stone. Then he reflects on the loved ones, especially the wives, and realizes no one was ever meant to me alone.

Gavin thinks about all the bomb booming, and as the war spreads, he thinks of all the living room we are running out of . Families probably feel the need to see or touch their loved ones. Moms are probably telling the children lies so they won’t worry. Then the day comes when the news is everywhere, and it can no longer be hidden. Gavin is probably thinking about the old men that could not join the war or the ones that could not perform very well because of their age, and realizes how much of the youth is being dissolved due to this war.

He is saying in the end, war is pointless. We are just hurting each other, and bringing this depression on ourselves. We have to learn to that violence is not the answer. “Someday there will be nothing left to burn…” That is so true. Why waste all this time fighting with others. Just sit down and talk it out. Fighting is so uncalled for. If this world would just strive to make peace, maybe this place would be a better place to live. If all this war continues…one day we really won’t be here.

I think this is what Gavin is saying, just my opinion. It’s a great song, and you all should listen. If you like the album just buy it or something. It won’t be a waste. Every song has a meaning. So, give him a listen. You won’t regret it.