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I am full of earth
You are heaven’s worth
I am stained with dirt, prone to depravity
You are everything that is bright and clean
The antonym of me
You are divinity
But a certain sign of grace is this
From a broken earth flowers come up
Pushing through the dirt

You are holy, holy, holy
All heaven cries “Holy, holy God”
You are holy, holy, holy
I wanna be holy like You are

You are everything that is bright and clean
And You’re covering me with Your majesty
And the truest sign of grace was this
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From wounded hands redemption fell down
Liberating man

You are holy, holy, holy
All heaven cries “Holy, holy God”
You are holy, holy, holy
I want to be holy like You are

But the harder I try the more clearly can I feel
The depth of our fall and the weight of it all
And so this might could be the most impossible thing
Your grandness in me making me clean

Glory, hallelujah
Glory, glory, hallelujah
You are holy, holy, holy
All heaven cries “Holy, holy God”
You are holy, holy, holy
I want to be holy, holy God

So here I am, all of me
Finally everything
Wholly, wholly, wholly
I am wholly, wholly, wholly
I am wholly, wholly, wholly Yours

I am wholly Yours

I am full of earth and dirt and You

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All the Dirt Stuff | Reviewer: Matt | 9/10/12

I believe "I am full of Dirt" probably refers to the fact that God made the first man from the earth, and "From dust you have come and to dust you will return"
And we are the Antonym of God. Because of Sin we are evil. God is life; we are dead in our sin. Psalm 51:5, Colossians 1:21, Eph. 2...

missing the point | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/11

This song displays Gods grace. Grace that even though we are filthy sinners and deserve flames He not only calls us to repentance but also forgives us for being so wicked at heart. Also the sense of conviction in the bridge displays Gods grace further in that we are mere sinners and so undeserving of Gods love and sometimes it seems just so impossible that we could be loved so much. Not that it is impossible, that's just how one would feel when he feels convicted of his own sin and recognizes how graceful God really is...

I agree with Mike | Reviewer: Mandi Neumann | 6/25/11

I am actually a theology and religious education professor at a seminary college and although Allysa is correct in her theology I dont believe that it was at all necessary to even break down the song, The Holy Spirit comes through music and lyrics to some people do you ever think that the person (other than yourself) really breaks down the words when the Holy Spirit comes to touch his/her hearts? I have to think that your over analyzing the meaning of the song is something you completely missed. Our jobs as Christians is to plant the seed and then get out of the Holy Spirits way.....

You Didn't Just Write That Allysa?!! | Reviewer: Mike | 5/18/11

Allysa, in your effort to safeguard your theology you spoiled the beauty of the song!!! Be careful, if you live your life crammin everything into a theological grid your world will be come cold, rigid and black and white... I'll give you another chance, check out the lyrics to "Everything Glorious" and take another stab : )

Alyssa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/11

This song is so beautiful, which is why it's very unfortunate that it contains several theological errors and borderline heresies. The most blatant of these is that no human can be the "antonym" of God (assuming that antonym here means "opposite", as is implied). Since God is the highest good, the opposite/antonym of Him would be pure evil. But evil is a lack of good, and has no substance on its own (we only observe it via depravity). As St. Augustine reminds us, "whatsoever is, is good". Humans, created in God's image, exist, thus they are good. Why would God create them otherwise? He can't create evil things. Also, Crowder suggests that his redemption "could be the most impossible thing". Of course it's not! It happened, therefore it is possible. The dirt imagery has gnostic elements, but he's using it as a metaphor, and probably isn't actually a heretic (I would certainly hope not anyway). All this said, Crowder displays a lovely understanding of the incarnation, which I greatly appreciate.

a struggle | Reviewer: Chet | 5/14/10

da song is amazing,awesome but the hardest part is with me, how can i be wholly "HIS" if i can't live a life that HE wants me! But in the end it's all that, "His grace is sufficient for me!" To strive & struggle to be "WHOLLY HIS"

Right on Ash! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/10


I think you hit the nail on the head! I find this true in my own life. It is so hard to let go and just trust that God is going to complete the work that He began in me. I keep trying to work through my own efforts to grow closer to Him, rather than just letting go and let God do the work. I did nothing to earn my salvation. It wasn't up to me, and it is not up to me to sanctify myself. Amen! That's good preaching! I love this song!

grace and striving | Reviewer: Ash | 7/25/09

Just gonna throw in my thoughts on this conversation.

when he says "the harder I try/the more clearly can I/feel the depth of our fall/and the weight of it all" he's not saying that the closer he gets to Christ the more he is aware of his own sinfulness. what he's saying is that if we strive and try to get get closer to God in our own strength, it aint gonna happen. We need to trust in God's grace for growth, just as we trusted in God's grace for redemption. So when he says "and so this might could be the most impossible thing/ your grandness in me making me clean. We are full of earth and dirt, but His grandness in us makes us clean. His grace makes it happen, not our efforts.

we will always have sinful nature, but Christ goodness atones (covers over) that part of us. he doesn't take it away, but he takes the consequences of our sin away. so we are still full of earth and dirt, but God doesn't see it, and it doesn't control us anymore! wow! thats good news!

Response | Reviewer: dave | 5/8/09

Yeah, I mean, in response to the "I am worm" theology comment, I think he addresses exactly what he's talking about by saying:

"But the harder I try / The more clearly can I / Feel the depth of our fall / And the weight of it all"

He's saying the more he's growing in Christ the more he realizes how truly fallen his flesh is (like the comment below me says, Paul addresses this same dichotomy in Romans) and that grace has covered him and the grandness of Christ in him is what's making him clean. I think the lyrics of this song are phenomenal.

answer to statement | Reviewer: bobo | 4/20/09

So- you said that you have a difficult time singing this song because it says, "I am full of dirt" basically indicating that the writer is saying look I am a christian but I am still disgusting. Well if you read Romans you will see that Paul address this problem, essentially a christian's life is the constant struggle of his flesh and his spirit! So yes, we are full of dirt and depravity even after we are Christians. Unfortunately we will not fully be rid of it until we die and ascend to heaven. But the good news is that dirt is essentially now subservient to the holy spirit.

RE: might could | Reviewer: Micah | 1/7/09

Haha...I think its great that there's a discussion about "might could"! I just moved to NC from NY about a year ago and I can't stop laughing at the way people say "might could" around here.

Example: "You might could have enough money." or I might could go over there later."

My boss likes to say "may could" (more polite?) and I have to really hold it together to keep from laughing out loud! When I heard this song I had to look it up to see if he actually said it...and he did! Glad to see others caught it. :)


I can't sing this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/08

As a redeemed, fully forgiven, cleansed and justified person in Christ, I simply can't sing this song, particularly portions that say in present tense form that I am "full of earth, stained with dirt, prone to depravity, full of earth and dirt".

To me this is what I call 'I am a worm' theology. It's having a saint confess a sinner identity, rather than embracing an identity as a redeemed person who still struggles with sin.

Simply amazing!!! | Reviewer: bwalya bwali | 9/20/07

It's breath takin song.the fact that it starts out who God is,the realness of his gloriues holyness,his marvolusness.and the dip longing of the human spirit after GOD that beckons u to just cry in admiration you are Holy holy holy...simply amazin

Might Could... | Reviewer: Eli | 9/19/07

Try reading the line with either "might" or "could." They both give the same meaning. Crowder is a poet. In poetry, if you don't have to follow the standard rules of grammar. In fact, you can emphasize something in your lyrics by going against the normal way of saying something. (It caught your attention, didn't it? I guess it worked). Here, he is emphasizing that God's work of making sinful, dirty man clean, is quite possibly the most impossible thing in all history. And yet our God's love can conquer even this.

RE: Might Could? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/07

Might is referring to the Grandness of God, I believe. He is saying that the might (strength) of the whole situation seems so impossible.

Amazing song!

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