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The Gathering Field Who We Are Lyrics

Last updated: 10/07/2005 11:00:00 AM

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Don't know why
I run and hide
Make myself so lonesome
You just say,
"That's okay.
Hey babe I'll catch you later."
It took a while
To put it all together

You can't change somebody
With your love no matter
How right your are
We are who we are

The sidewalks teem
With sunlight beams
A thousand rainbow colors
Private parts
Troubled hearts
All searching for the answer
Faded dreams
And broken hearted laughter
But now I know

You can't change somebody…

Twilight fades
Another day
Converted into memory
We discuss
The change in us
I've never been this happy
It took some time
To put it all together
But now I know…

You can't change somebody…
No matter how bright your star
No matter how fresh your scar
We are who we are…

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