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The Doors Who Do You Love Lyrics

Last updated: 09/11/2012 11:47:36 AM

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah.
I walked a forty damned miles on barbed wire,
Cobra-snake for a necktie.
Brand new house by your roadside,
Made of rattlesnake hide.

Brand new chimney, made on top,
Made out of human skull.
Come on baby, take a walk with me,
Tell me, who do you love?

Who do you love now?
Who do you love now?
Who do you love, babe?
I said who now, who do you love?

Tombstone head and a graveyard mind,
Just 22 and I don't mind dying.
Rode around town with a rattlesnake whip,
Come on baby, don't give me no lip.

Who do you love now?
Who do you love?
Who do you love, child?
I said who baby, who do you love?

Night is dark, the sky was blue,
Down the alley the ice wagon flew.
Hit a bump, somebody screamed,
You should have heard just what I seen.

Do you love him, babe?
Do you love her, yeah?
Do you love me, babe?
Do you love it, yeah, heh, yeah? Y-e-eah.

Well, who baby, who do you love?
What do you love now, baby?
Love, love, love me, babe.
Love, love, love me, darling.

Right, what do you guys wanna hear next?
We're gonna have some fun tonight, right?
Alright, alright.