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Yo its necro the sexorcist, the porn king, show me your breasteses, im the best there is the foul shit, bounce with me, degrading, depraving, debouchery, your naked on the couch with me. Bitch getting fucked in your ass thru your fishnets. cutting queefs, your bound to eat shit next. A tit fest, I’m fucking dumb blondes til my dick is numb hoe lick the scum sticking a gun in your cunt for fun. Fakin making believe Im raping you choking you makes you cum. Its edge play, be careful, fuck around and murder you by mistake and leave you dead in the bed slayed. Not my intentions. You’ll lick prick til your lips rip the hips split in your cryptic. Explicit, sadistic, innuendos sluts in the windows bimbos dipped in timbos. Short black leather skirts, stomach tattoo, glitter panties sexy belt had to have you. Ridiculous pussy lips I predicted you be addicted to my dick once you lick it. Bent you over backwards upside down reverse is more perverse fucked on the floor first. To a raw verse rippin your clothes off blow my nose off on your hair then I doze off.

(Chorus x2)
What's Your name (Whats Your Name)(The Sexorcist)
Who's Ya Daddy? (Who's Ya Daddy?)(Necro)
Be real, is He Rich Like me?
Has he Taken, Anytime (Anytime),To Show, To Show You what You Need

The raunchiest, flaunt your tits. Im the horniest fornicating, torturing clits a porn genius. With a long penis diggin' up your organs jiggin you, stabbing you, friggin you, Im to big for you. You got a tight sphincter, you need one in the pink and one in the stink, till liquid magentas Drippin’ outta your ass ill cum in your drink. piss in your face spit in your mouth fuck what you think. Shit on your blouse, then kick you outta my house naked and slut take it that’s what initiations about. An official occasion to go all out, fuck a bitch in the ass ‘til her colon falls out. Rubbin’ oil all over you fat round ass, smack it, abuse it, lick it,then pound it fast. Stick it continuously when I get in you I strenuously pin you to the floor and generously fuck your G spot rapidly, happily, dapily to the boombapity beat. the sexorcist, the next to blitz and blow up some bitch go get your hair fixed prepare your lips. for fellatio you spacey hoe, the ratio of your brain to if usable is way too low your made to blow you’re a delicious nutritious dish of fish an official bitch.

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LOL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/10

I know this is a year maybe more, late but to Morgan... You are a moron. Listen to half the pop/pop country artists out there. Talking about men as toys or 'objects' its a fucking song. It's about money and what will make you the most amount.

speak for yourself | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/10

i am a women, and i do not think necro is degrading!!! please speak for yourself and not for the rest of us. i am a "classy lady" and respect myself. necro is a required "taste" of music so to speak, not everyone likes it. u wouldnt b on here posting your comments if you werent curious in the first place. Everyone has a sexual freak in them, dont try to hide it ;)

GET REAL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/10

If you think every rapper means every word they have ever said well that is enough to prove your a retard. From Big L to BIGGIE to any rapper that will ever exist if hes good hes probably talking about some shit that really went down in his life, but if hes really good and wants to sell he will exaggerate the story nothing more to it... Were talking about NECRO FOR FUCKS SAKE !!! what kind of an audience you think hes trying to reach? does it justify his lyrics to this song?

no way | Reviewer: daddyD | 5/9/10

are u serious with ur comments? watch the video and listen again, listen to other stuff necro did - and finally u'll realize that hes just rappin the shit that u can see in about 50% of all porn the other half is even harder - so u could tell from real porn he is still rappin about the normal stuff not the hardcore pervert freak stuff ... get loose and chill sometime or u'll never fuck or get fucked the way it really freaks urself out... degradig women - wtf - am i degrading women when they suck my cock? is a women degrading me when i lick her clit? - did u know, a lot of women wanna be choked, wanna be jizzed on and want cocks in their asses?? ... my gosh be serious and just fuck or leave the fuckers alone and get on with ur nonfuckin business...

legend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/10

lets get this straight kiddo's, Necro is an utter legend, amazing beats, rhymes and sick lyrics. Drugs, sex, crime and degrading everyone. Just because Necro raps about treating women badly, murder, 'stick an ice pick in your neck, till you bleed like a period', rape and crime, does not mean that its what he enjoys to do and is a complete phsyco wife beater. If he was he'd be in jail. Hes merely rapping about the things that arnt spoken about often, and turning it into class music. Im a lass, and at the end of the day, who gives a fuck? i understand it can set a bad example, but those who follow what he says are already messed up in the head.

Though, honestly, if my boyfriend said some of the stuff in this song to me, i wouldnt be around for long!haha

No need to worry. | Reviewer: Nancy | 3/9/10

There's really no need to worry. This song is just a good example of men's complexes. It deals with self-assertion. Men are lusting for power. When they don't get what they want among other really powerful men they begin to rule the weak - women. And - as you see - only verbaly. And it's really a sign of men's weakness and tactlessness. A person who sings is a very frustrated man. Girls, don't get angry, sympathize with him and other weak and embittered men.

Think Twice | Reviewer: Morbidly Suicidal | 2/25/10

to anyone thinking this song is degrading girls needs to think again he is explaining what he will do to a girl there is a differance between degrading a chick and telling a chick what you are gonna do to her..besides this song gets girls hella fucking hot and is hella tight to fuck too haha

ThaChett knows shit | Reviewer: ThaChett | 2/10/10

This song is NOT shit, yes it is degrading women but it's not like hes the first to do this shit.And second and most importantly IF IT BOTHERS YOU SO MUCH DONT FUCKING LISTEN TO IT AND READ ABPUT IT TO KNOW THE SONG BETTER DIPSHITS.

hell yah | Reviewer: kimmm | 11/24/09

This does degrade women its rounchiee asssfuk. So I do agree with probably all the people who say that but its hot ass fuck! This song turns me on everytime I hear it its dirty and sexual and real hip hop if you can't take that shit then censor your ears bitch but don't deny that necros sick and gets you offf cause I ain't gonna lie id most def fuck to this song and I'm sure it'd be pretty much the best fuck I'll have aha but just cause ur into shit like this doesn't mean your a bitch or aa hoeee but in the end alottta grls are jst bitches and hoees so stop hatinn and props to necro

thaRZArector | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/09

You dont like listening to death rap well i do theres nothing like beautiful music for you to die to, you cant stop pain how long will cocaine last a close range blast ill leave with no brains fast dont rap stab yourself to the beat instead dont impress me with your raps impress me by being dead, ill be impressed when youre bleeding red cause at least you can youve done something i havent done yet

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