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Michael talking to audience

I'd like to talk to y'all tonight
About the blues
Brothers:The blues?
Yea the blues
Dont nobody have the blues like i have
I may be young but i know what its all about

And this is how it went down
I met a girl at school one day
during in the sandbox
Older Brothers:sandbox?!
We toasted our love during milk break
older Brothers:aw man
I gave her my COOKIES!
Marlon:Come on Mike!
We fell out during singin' plan
So one day, I stepped up to her and i said

Wheeeeeeen I had you (had you)
I treated you baaaaaaad and wrong my dear
And girl since, since you went away

Don't you know I sit around
With my head hanging down
And I wonder who's lovin' you

I,I,I,I should have never, ever
ever made you cry
And and girl since yer since you been gone


Life with out love, huh...
It's oh so lonely
I don't think, I don't think! I'm gonna make it

All my life, all my life baby yeah I've been lost to you only
Come on & take it girl
Come on & take it, because....
All, all I can do, all I can do since you've been gone is cry
And don't you ever wonder or worry your head of what i do

(chorus )

who's loving you
Older brother singing in backgrond:who's loving you
I,I,I gotta know yea
I,I,I,I,I wonder
Older brother singing in backgrond:who's loving you
who loving you,come on baby ohhh oh yea baby
who's loving you

oh! oh! oh!

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mz. jackson | Reviewer: wadrianna jackson | 3/23/10

micheal was a specail person annd im related to him. no really i am. i love micheal with all my heart and i wish that i could of met him. the jackson family is my fam. hope to here u from u soonn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Who Loving You" (written by michael jackson & the jackson 5 | Reviewer: Tasha | 2/7/10

I am 11 yrs. old and my favorite 4 song is "I Want You Back and ABC , I'll Be There and The Love You Save" because I like the song so much it makes me want to cry. I always love the jackson 5 because its my favorite artist because I always love him for my heart and I really luv u michael jackson and May God bless you from the heart. Michael has died and why did you died michael why why. We will live forever and ever. We love you R.I.P Michael Jackson.

Whe are still loving you | Reviewer: erika | 10/14/09

hey, michael no needs to have your head hanging down now michael because you are where you should be with our god resting your soul you tried to make this world a better place but they left you. But,now that you are gone they want to love you but, when you was alive they hated you now look if yall would have only gave him a chance now you see he is gone it was to much pressure i feel your pain michael i love you michael iand i miss youuuuuuuuuuu so much always not fan but family

God's Loving you,i'm missing you. | Reviewer: nicol Becky | 9/18/09

RIP MJ. :-( This song makes me cry a lot...a whole lot....but it also gives me comfort,so much comfort for i know for sure Heaven's loving him now - he was a true Angel and now he's back home,singing with the other angels :-)

but still....since you went away...dont u know...i....sit around...with my head hanging down.....

RIP Angel,i'll never let you part,for you're always in my heart <3

Like a comet,fading 'cross the evening sky...
my dear,you're Gone too soon....
Like a rainbow,fading in the twinkling of an eye..
Gone Too Soon :-(

Gone too soon | Reviewer: Giselle | 8/25/09

I am also 13, and no matter what anyone else says, Michael is like a brother to me. I never had a brother, so Michael was my biggest role model.
He's gone too soon! :(
I miss him so much and he will always live in my heart. I love you, Michael!!

RIP MJ I LOVE U SOOO MUCH | Reviewer: cece lounds | 8/23/09

omg in the movie it was soo cute an i also saw jermain he is hecka cute but now he is a lil bit cute bot i just want to say i love u soo much and i am crying while i am typing cause i miss u and my hole room is posted with micheal jackson posters and it is posted with the ones that was on t.v. all the ones that was on t.v. and i got all the jackson 5 poster with hottey jermaine well RIP MICHEAL JACKSON U R IN MY HEART 24/7 i dont care how long it is i love u and u r in my heart till the day i die and i mean it

<3 | Reviewer: Shana | 7/30/09

Omg i'm only a 13 year old girl but MJ has been one of the only insirations in my life. I miss him soooo much! I wish I were alive during the peak of his success. =(

I love you Michael and you will alwaus keep dancing in my heart <3

Miss him so much even tho im so young. | Reviewer: Yasmine perez | 7/16/09

This is probly my favorite jackson5 song i love it and i think i been listening to it over and over and over million times again because i love it jackson5 is currently my new addicition bcuz i just decided to check them this was the first one i ever heard and i love it to death i miss him so much me n my mom where so gonna try to go to atleast one of his concerts if he was gonna do anything in america and im only 14 his music inspires me so much to do the right thing be a better person and care for the whole world=.]

sadd | Reviewer: chikki | 7/13/09

Michael has alot of absolutely great songs and i think it will be like that forever. For some reason i though he looked good when he was younger and im only 14 haha but i just love this song so RIP MJ♥

his life | Reviewer: bleekdub0@tmail.com | 7/8/09

Im only 20 yrs old and I can say that somehow someway Micheal Jackson had a huge impact on my life I am proud to at least say that I had a chance to watch greatness and Micheal Jackson was it he inspired almost everyone in the world to dance sing change the world and to love I know for sure that I can't put together words that describe what he did for the world and there will never be another one like him he will always be remembered threw his timesless music and videos from my late grandmother to me we were all fans of his im sure he would want everyone to be happy so instead of put our heads down and cry we should all look up and smile and celebrate his life like we know he would R.I.P Micheal Jackson and God bless your family friends and the world your will never be forgotten and thank you for everything you've done

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