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Zebra Who's Behind The Door? Lyrics

Last updated: 06/13/2010 11:00:00 AM

We sailed away
We walked 2 thousand miles
and then we slipped away
We looked so hard
But couldn't seem to find just what
the world was for
Now we know
Just what the journey's for

Looking out to the stars
Think about what you are
What do they think of you
Animals in their zoo
They haven't got the time
Landing's not on their minds
How do they have the nerve
We're animals in preserve

They watch us all
They're only making sure that we
don't trip and fall
Now they look so hard
But they can't tell us why they're
here and just what for
Because they don't know
Who opened up the door

How can we find out more
Who owns the keyless door
Where does the circle end
Who are the unwatched men
Where do we go from here
Faith is a fading fear
Life is a waiting room
I hope they don't call me soon

How much more do you really
think you know than a flower
does about who's behind the door!

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Wow!! | Reviewer: Unclebri | 6/12/10

If you listen to Zebra 4 it has more to say. Find it.. Listen to Randys guitar sound... Please release Zebra 5 !! Or you need to write some album that will again rock our socks off!!?? Thx R. Jackson " k. K is hiding" is about your dog!

subliminal | Reviewer: mr zif | 11/22/07

excellent song with a subliminal that took a few listens to get. ( you can hear the sounds of thousands of snapping shrimp.) fitting for a new orleans band. guys we need more zebra music.

still arousing emotion | Reviewer: Craig | 6/14/07

I too feel that this is one of my favorite all-time songs. I am trying to figure out the chord progression for this tune. Does anyone have it? And indeed, it is a timeless song. Very well written.

Stands the test of time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/06

This one has been one of my favorites since it was released. Thats a long time. And I must be old!!!!

My dad! | Reviewer: Lauren | 5/1/05

My dad is in the band Zebra! This is my favorite song!