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Whitecross was formed in 1986 by Rex Carroll and Scott
Wenzel. Whitecross release their debut self-titled CD
"Whitecross" on Pure Metal in 1987. Songs like Enough is
Enough, Who Will You Follow, and the popular Nagasaki
guitar solo by Rex Carroll would bring life to the fast
growing scene of Christian Rock and Christian Heavy Metal.
Whitecross with is ripping guitar work and solid vocals was
often compared to the popular main-stream group RATT.

Whitecross followed their debut recording with
Whitecross-The $6.98 EP-Love on the Line in More...

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Lyrics of Behold by whitecross | Reviewer: Yonny murry
    ------ About the song Behold performed by Whitecross

So many choices for a man to make. So many ways that he can go. But all the kingdoms in a thousand world's. Could not replace the peace i know. The things of earth can never satisfy. The hunger deep in me.. Ch1: Behold the lamp of god reaching out his nails scarred hand. He wants to lift you up give you strength so you can stand, its only natural for a man to dream to reach for stars above himself my life was cluttered with shattered dreams. Before I learned to seek your will. I gathered pieces on a broker heart. And laid a man in your feet you are the rain that falls on thirsty ground and the light that always windows in my soul. Ch: Behold the lamp of god reaching out his nail-scarred hand,he wants to lift you up.He'll give you strength, so you can stand..back to ch1

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