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Kathy Mar White Water Lyrics

Last updated: 10/23/2003 10:30:16 PM

White-water star currents ride me wild from sun to sorrow
White-water star journey dance me to a new tomorrow
Sun-tide sweet-water touch me to my core
Sun-tide sweet-water mother ocean call me home once more

Sun-drift satin-current culls the fey and claims the fallen
Sun-drift satin-whisper soft as dandelion pollen
Wild-tide light-water ripples in the dark
Wild-tide light-water mother ocean brand me with your mark

Bridge: Star-song soft current calling in my blood
Sweet song salt current rising like a flood
Sun-song tide-water pluck me from the sky
Sun-song tide-water never ask me why

White-water sun-sailor what a life I chose to follow
White-water sun-haunter all the rest is pale and hollow
Sun-tide light-water lover home and friend
Sun-tide light-water mother ocean take me once again


Repeat Verse 1