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Dolly Parton White Limozeen Lyrics

Last updated: 03/03/2005 11:00:00 AM

Fresh scrubbed hot off the bus dressed up and feeling good
Eyes full of stars a heart full of dreams Daisy Mae in Hollywood
Struttin' down the boulevard the walkway of the stars
With a vision of her name in lights reflecting off the cars
And dreaming of a white limozeen she wants to have a white limozeen

Well the days to come were long and dark and the nights were hard and cold
She met the devil in the City of Angels but she never lost her soul
She kept her dreams close to her heart like a family photograph
She cried sometimes and died sometimes but still she knows how to laugh
Dreaming of a white limozeen dreaming of a white limozeen

Now she's a living her dreams like a movie queen
Diamond rings and all things good
From the breadlines to the headlines she's the toast of Hollywood
[ dobro ]
(White limozeen white limozeen)

Now she's really ridin' high she's a woman of the world
But deep inside she never changed she's the same old downhome girl
And when the airplane brings the kinfolk to visit for awhile
There's a friendly guy in a red bowtie to take 'em around in style
He drives 'em in a white limozeen she finally got a white limozeen

Now she's a living her dreams like a movie queen...
She's fresh scrubbed hot off...

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