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America, hahaha, we love you, how many people are proud to be citizens of this beautiful
Country of ours, the stripes and the stars for the rights that men have died for to protect,
The women and men who have broke their neck's for the freedom of speech the United States
Government has sworn to uphold, or
(Yo', I want everybody to listen to the words of this song) so we're told...

I never would've dreamed in a million years I'd see,
So many motherfuckin' people who feel like me, who share the same views
And the same exact beliefs, it's like a fuckin' army marchin' in back of me, so many lives I
Touch, so much anger aimed, in no particular direction, just sprays and sprays, and straight
Through your radio waves it plays and plays, 'till it stays stuck in your head for days and
Days, who would of thought, standing in this mirror bleachin' my hair, with some peroxide,
Reaching for a t-shirt to wear, that I would catapult to the forefront of rap like this, how
Could I predict my words would have an impact like this, I must've struck a chord, with somebody
Up in the office, cause congress keeps telling me I ain't causin' nuthin' but problems, and now
They're sayin' I'm in trouble with the government, I'm lovin' it, I shoveled shit all my life,
And now I'm dumping it on...

White America, I could be one of your kids, white America, little Eric looks just like this,
White America, Erica loves my shit, I go to TRL, look how many hugs I get, white America, I
Could be one of your kids, white America, little Eric looks just like this, white America, Erica
Loves my shit, I go to TRL, look how many hugs I get...

Look at these eyes, baby blue, baby just like yourself, if they were brown, Shady lose, Shady
Sits on the shelf, but Shady's cute, Shady knew, Shady's dimple's would help, make ladies swoon
Baby, {ooh baby}, look at my sales, let's do the math, if I was black, I would've sold half, I
Ain't have to graduate from Lincoln high school to know that, but I could rap, so fuck school,
I'm too cool to go back, gimme the mic, show me where the fuckin' studio's at, when I was
Underground, no one gave a fuck I was white, no labels wanted to sign me, almost gave up, I was
Like, fuck it, until I met Dre, the only one to look past, gave me a chance, and I lit a fire up
Under his ass, helped him get back to the top, every fan black that I got, was probably his in
Exchange for every white fan that he's got, like damn, we just swapped, sittin' back lookin' at
Shit, wow, I'm like my skin is it starting to work to my benefit now, it's...


See the problem is, I speak to suburban kids, who otherwise would of never knew these words
Exist, whose mom's probably would of never gave two squirts of piss, 'till I created so much
Motherfuckin' turbulence, straight out the tube, right into your living room I came, and kids
Flipped when they knew I was produced by Dre, that's all it took, and they were instantly hooked
Right in, and they connected with me too because I looked like them, that's why they put my
Lyrics up under this microscope, searchin' with a fine tooth comb, its like this rope, waitin'
To choke, tightening around my throat, watching me while I write this, like I don't like this,
Nope, all I hear is, lyrics, lyrics, constant controversy, sponsors working 'round the clock, to
Try to stop my concerts early, surely hip-hop was never a problem in Harlem, only in Boston,
After it bothered the fathers of daughters starting to blossom, so now I'm catchin' the flack
From these activists when they raggin', actin' like I'm the first rapper to smack a bitch, or
Say faggot, shit, just look at me like I'm your closest pal, the posterchild, the motherfuckin'
Spokesman now for...


So to the parents of America, I am the derringer aimed at little Erica, to attack her
Character, the ringleader of this circus of worthless pawns, sent to lead the march right up to
The steps of congress, and piss on the lawns of the White House, to burn the casket and replace
It with a parental advisory sticker, to spit liquor in the faces of in this democracy of
Hypocrisy, fuck you Ms. Cheney, fuck you Tipper Gore, fuck you with the freest of speech this
Divided states of embarrassment will allow me to have, fuck you, [vocal melody],
He, hahaha, I'm just playin' America, you know I love you...

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if you dont like this sog your an idiot who cant look truth in the face | Reviewer: julz | 3/27/12

to whoever the hell VanillaIceT is your are the stupidest idiot that ever walked the earth you should get help with your denial problems and btw Rap is not only music but the absolute rawest form of music wow dont u even know what music is its bout emotion idiot and did you really call ur self vanillaicet i mean come on man they are both mf idiots. dont kid ur self yo a highschool diploma and a preppy outfit that makes you look like an idiot dont make a good person.the only person who sounds dumb is you and btw you know how many advanced poetry devices he uses assonance,alliteration, ect you ever stopped to think that no one gives a fuck what you think y'd you come on dis site just to hate man. right know Ems either performing making millions, being a great loving father, or siting in his mansion that has an elavatorand coasts billions enjoying his life and what are you or will be doing .. oh wait who the fuck cares no one but rest assured its not anything great what do u listen to fucking mozart man you pathetic get a life you try writing rhyms like him go ahead i dare you ... dont kid urself u aint even touching skilled get over ur self cuz we all know you aint doing shit compared to eminem but enough with you ur soft.
white america: epic true raw and absolutly unfiltered this song is great

He really should have stayed in school | Reviewer: VanillaIceT | 3/15/12

Poor little em... based on these lyrics it sounds like he has some REAL problems and we should all be very aware of how he feels. Must really be tough to grow up trying to be accepted in the black community when you're so white. Need proof? watch "The Jerk" with Steve Martin. Well, anyway it's nice to have such garbage like hip hop out there to keep all the lemming idiots from actually being a part of a produtive society. So stay dumb and keep on listening and idolizing these fools and you will end up exactly where the elite wants you.... in the ghetto, unemployed bitching and complaining about "the man" to a funky azz beat. Sure you have no chance to actually "make it" since just about anyone out there could do the same thing. Think about it... if you chose the gangsta life then at least stay in school long enough to write lyrics that people can understand. Third or fourth grade would probably be enough to raise the bar on this one. Since there are more careers available with a "real job" than hip hop career openings then finish school, learn how to speak correctly, pull up your pants, and try listening to music that actually involves "musicians" Yo!

burn the casket??? | Reviewer: chris | 3/9/12

Where the hell did you people get this? It doesn't even sound like he says casket, and it makes no sense. He says " burn the flag and replace it with a parental advisory sticker" but the word flag is edited out on all versions of the cd.

Awesome | Reviewer: Slim shady | 5/29/11

Eminem is the best rapper ever and hes white. I love this song its about how no one likes him cuz hes white and he raps but slim shady dosnt give a fuck wat people think. Thanks docter dre for makin the best rapper ever! - slim shady

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/11

Look actually the 'hidden words' are just that some one copied the text from another site to post it here also when Em raps he breaks of at these pints to start a new line so may be the guy just wanted to make it look real be deleting extra line changes and ended up not deleting 'random' capitals

subliminal | Reviewer: laisejensen | 6/27/10

I wonder, is there some subliminal message with all these random words with capital letters? I find some interesting words like: See, I Exist - Motherfucking flipped - The United States Government, Yo - And I Touch Through Days... All these words comes after oneanother in the lyrics. Someone should see if there is some hidden words or whatever! ;)

white america | Reviewer: kelly | 10/26/07

i really love this song it SO speaks the truth about america!!!!! i'm not just playin and yea i love america

White America | Reviewer: shewtceute | 8/17/07

haha, this is a good song! even though I'm not an American but this is awesome. did anyone notice that at the ending where he says "ahaha, i'm just playing america, you know i love you" it's almost the same line from the end of "Kill You" - Eminem:

"Hahaha, I'm just playin, ladies, you know I love you"



True | Reviewer: stingstungme | 6/18/07

Don't think that the lyrics to this song are false. They are absolutely true.

So funny and true | Reviewer: Weed | 4/28/07

I sincerely take pleasure listening and singing along that song at the same time.

sweet | Reviewer: larissia byrd | 2/9/06

I love this song it was so cool and true

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