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Tyler Farr Whiskey In My Water Lyrics

Last updated: 11/15/2013 06:58:05 AM

In my truck,
flyin down a dirt road.
Picking you up,
feeling kinda crazy.
I think im in love,
'cause i know my baby.
She slaps me,
Says boy why ya smilin'.
Doin my best,
so hard to hide it.
I know whats up,
So I just shoot 'er a wank.


Cause when the sun goes down
it'll get a little hotter
Make an ole boys heart
beat a little harder.
I know I can't lose cause
its goin down smooth tonight
One aint enough man,
may I have another.
Sittin round a fire,
gettin drunk on each other.
Every day I pray,
I thank God I got her.
Shes the moon in my shine,
but whiskey in my water.

When we're past Flint Bridge,
we'll break out the bottle.
Drop it down low,
crank up the throttle.
Im good to go,
cause i got you tonight.


Sittin on this hill with her,
lookin at them baby blues.
Wishin that the sky would change,
I've been thanking bout it all damn day.
I can hardly wait.


Whiskey in my water X3

yeah yeah yeah yeah

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