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While We're Up Biography

Last updated: 10/07/2011

A sip of While We’re Up’s (WWUP) fresh brewed pop rock might be enough to power a batch of coffee houses. Start with pure, heartfelt lyrics; add sweet harmonies delivered with a triple shot of passion, and top with a heaping helping of good cheer. Include a charismatic connection with their audience, a fun fueled energetic show, and a craving to impact lives.

Zach Booher and Steven Rouk, founding members of WWUP, met at Arizona State University (ASU) during their Sophomore year when Steven locked himself out of his dorm room the first night of resident assistant training. Eventually they started hanging out and discovered a mutual burning belief: music can change lives. They shared musical influences: Billy Joel, Brand New, Relient K, and All Time Low among others. Impromptu jam sessions followed,
fueling a deep desire to inspire the world through music. In March 2010, WWUP was born with Zach and Steven each pulling double duty playing acoustic guitar and vocals.

WWUP began playing at benefits: Every Can Counts, Human Trafficking Awareness Event, and Invisible Children to name a few. They’re fixtures at ASU events and becoming regulars at venues like The Fixx in Tempe. WWUP is excited about performing at the To Write Love On Her Arms benefit concert at Tempe Marketplace on September 15, 2011. Then WWUP joins Shopping Kart Tragedies in concert at the Marquee Theatre on October 14, 2011. The band is currently performing at and booking Valley high schools for their “High School Rompin’ Tour.” Their goal: book one concert a week through the 2011-2012 academic year.

Their sparkling stage presence draws fans. Alyssa K. says, “I’ve been to a few performances and they’re all memorable because Zach and Steven are so personable and make a real connection with the audience.” She adds, “They’re hilarious and genuinely talented; the shows are always great.” Kat A. likes WWUP’s “smashing performances,” and says, “You’re guaranteed to see and feel 100% love and dedication in every show.” Jan M. loves the “fresh mix
of acoustic pop rock and blend of voices.” She says, “The music and lyrics are uplifting and thought provoking.” Noelle H. said, “WWUP is the best up and coming band out there.”

WWUP released an original 14 song studio album in Spring 2011; Every Moment is a tribute to growing up. Between the two of them, Zach and Steven performed every instrument tracked. During the summer break, they recorded a new single long distance. With Zach in Arizona and Steven in Georgia, “Transcontinental” was released in July 2011. Listeners can sample WWUP’s music at their website and Facebook page and also make purchases through the website. The band loves connecting with fans through their YouTube and Facebook pages. To thank their fans, WWUP is offering a special bonus: purchase a ticket to any of their upcoming shows and receive a free autographed copy of their debut CD, Every Moment.