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Chris Rea While I Remain Lyrics

Last updated: 05/18/2012 12:00:00 PM

I take this moring
With a change of heart
I take this moring
And make a brand new start
It was such a short while
We were apart
Now you speak of change
While I remain

A chance of love
For evermore
I thought had come
Up to my door
You've said your feelings
Were just the same
Now you talk of change
While I remain

This part of you
I did not know
I kissed your face
And watched you go
If there was something
It did not show
Seems while you changed
While I remain

I should have tried
To stay by you
I did not go
Oh how I wanted to
How could I see
This rock so grave?
That lay below
Your deep blue wave
This rock of change
While I remain

So short a time
So big the chance
So quick the sting
So slow the pain
Oh life we shared
I'll try to start again
But what I loved is gone
While I remain
I curse the day
I kissed your flame
Now what I love so much is gone
While I remain