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Waterdeep Whether or Not Lyrics

Last updated: 11/26/2003 01:59:30 AM

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This morning when the sun came up,
I was still lyin down in my bed.
But it started burning real bright
whether or not
it was shining on my head.

Just today another flower bloomed
and I just walked right on by.
It became a little swirl of fantasy
whether or not
it caught my eye.

I could just go round bein down, sleepin late,
runnin round in a state, feelin dead in the head
cause of all the things that people said.
But none of them can get inside of me.

I think I'd rather just decide not to hide
from the facts of the dark and relax cause the spark
of the fire that's inside me isn't goin out.
The darkness just ain't gonna swallow me
(because I'm gonna live eternally.)

I think about myself so much,
It kinda makes me ill.
I probly oughta let my cup
just fill up
but overfill.

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