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The Calling Wherever You Will Go Lyrics

Last updated: 04/20/2014 09:20:31 AM

So lately, been wondering
Who will be there to take my place
When I'm gone you'll need love
To light the shadows on your face.

If a great wave shall fall
And fall upon us all
Then between the sand and stone
Could you make it on your own?

If I could, then I would
I'll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I'll go wherever you will go

And maybe I'll find out
A way to make it back someday
To watch you, to guide you
Through the darkest of your days.

If a great wave shall fall
And fall upon us all
Well, then I hope there's someone out there
Who can bring me back to you.

If I could, then I would
I'll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I'll go wherever you will go

Run away with my heart
Run away with my hope
Run away with my love

I know now, just quite how
My life and love might still go on
In your heart, in your mind
I'll stay with you for all of time.

If I could, then I would

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"I Love This Song" | Reviewer: Drifter18 | 4/18/14

The song was introduced to by our drummer a decade was like love at first sight..instantly hit me. Got the crowd up on their feet once in a while even with lighters on. My 'national anthem' when doing karaoke in parties and gets 2nd requests a number of times...used to sing it as a lullaby to my granddaughter too when she was still an infant.
The lyrics I love more...though no one can't take away the arrangement on this great song... True love perfectly demonstrated...great song perfectly rendered.
Kudos Alex, Aaron, Oliver, and The Calling....

Lovely Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/13

This song, to me, is different than the meanings that others have posted. Its easy to see this song could be about a passed loved one, but to me or an ex-lover. I think of it as friendship, though, because of how it was presented to me. One of my best friends and I were doing karaoke and he put this song on and it made me cry cuz he's leaving state for college soon. Its like, to me, to me it was almost like he was telling me he wouldn't leave me, even though we'll be apart. "Run away with my heart, hope, love" That line says that even though he's going to be near 1000 miles away he will always be close, in my heart. He is my best friend and I am so thankful to have heard this from him.

It fits this moment | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/13

Ok so I know it's not as sad as any of these reviews but I just found out my BEST friend isn't going to the same school as me this is the second time she's moved schools and I've only been in the same school as her for a year. we still remain best friends but both of us were crying (weird I know!) when we found out and then I remembered this song and so ....ya

for you | Reviewer: ny avana | 4/27/13

This song let me progress with were I was before . And I'm so sad that someone won't never know how much I love him ! it's ok if he find his happiness in someone else's eyes coz I just want all the best for him . And maybe I let go the man of my life but I suppose that's the way it should goes . Maybe it was just me . So you guys when you find the love of your life , don't let it go away if you don't wanna live with regrets the rest of your life . coz I will

HE IS THE BEST SPELL CASTER. | Reviewer: Tessy | 4/17/13

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Support | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/13

I think what makes this song so great is that, even though it is extremely sad, it's about moving on and preparing for the future. Even though your passed away loved ones never leave, you should always remember that they want what is best for you and this song is a perfect example of that. I'm very sorry to all of these people whose loved ones have passed away and I hope this song really does help. If you love this song then you will like the movie PS I Love You which I got for my __th birthday. It's the same theme and an extremely moving film like this song xx

It helps me. | Reviewer: Sivan | 8/25/12

This song shows me that there is another world behind the pain and hurt of what we call Earth. Noone, I repeat, NOONE..Is perfect. These days, believing isn't enough. Isn't that just sad? Here, i'll answer for you. It is. It The pain and regrett flowing will never stop. But there's always that one person..that one person who will love you and agree with you on everything you say. That one person may be dead and in peace, or alive in pain. Never the less, they are the person that fate want's you with..and no body else.

Inspiring | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/12

This song is so amazing, for the few minutes you listen to this song, it takes you back into the world where your love ones are still sat next to you, but still helps you remember that they are forever in your heart.

Amazing words | Reviewer: Ali | 1/24/12

3 months ago I lost my wonderful husband Paul, 56, to cancer. I feel that he is with me, protecting me all the time and that I will see his lovely face again one day soon.
This song says it all, and gives me so much comfort.

i love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/11

hey i love this song i read them things about cancer
that was so sad and is so sad but i wish u luck and happiness and the best but this song is so good because it means so much to lots of people but it means a lots to me and i love itt soo muchh cuz is i sung it in an commiseration and i wun but its not gust that and i love all the people who love this song and is was my best friend who i sung with and she is like my fav person in the
world and she broke her leg she got hit by a car
and i wish her soo much luck and i saw her today and she is getting better and i love her soo much and i was wevher her wen she broke it her bf was calling her and she ran across the rode and got hit by a car so wish her luck <3 <3 <3 you

<3 this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/11

I absoulutely love this song!!!!
I sing it ever day all the time!!
I am really sorry about your Cancer (annoymous)
One of my best friends had cancer and she told me that if her family and friends hadn't been there to support her and tell her not to give up then she wouldn't be here today.
So don't give up
If you are finding it hard listen to this song and think of your Bf
Your Friend

R.I.P <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/11

My best friend since the age of 4's mum died of cancer Monday.. :( <3 she waited till me and jess (my best friend) were together to tell us she had cancer... She had all the treatment, and she looked so much better.. We got our hopes up... Thought she'd got over the cancer... But about 2 weeks ago, the doctors at the hospital told us she was getting worse.. The cancer was back and had spread. They did everything they could, but it wasn't enough.. The last time I went to see her, to say my goodbyes and to tell her I loved her like a 2nd mother and that no matter what, I would never forget her, we listened to this song... She was so weak, laying in the hospital bed but there we were, me, her, jess, her little sister and her dad singing along to this song... This song will be played at her funeral... i'll think of her everytime i hear this song... She was so amazing, she was always there for me. I will love her forever, always in my heart and always on my mind. Rest in peace <3<3<3<3<3

hey | Reviewer: sweetgilly | 10/19/11

hey this song just sends tears down my face everytime i hear but reading some of these stories has just made me take on a new look of life and erm im abit shy so i asked this girl out but she said she wants to stay friends for now ive bought her jewelry and sent her some poems but still im not sure if thats enough and im abit scared to ask again im 18 and shes 19 and i feel like i love her so much and i kinda need some advice

wow!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/11

Reading that review about cancer really made but heart sink. It was so shocking, I'm sitting here thinking my lifes ruined when really my life is in pretty good shape compared to that. That review is so sweet and your bf must be very lucky.... nnd i'm sorry about the cancer.
I'm new to this website so i wont really know what's been going on or when the reviews were written so bare with me.
This song is an inspiration and i'm always singing it to my dad, and it puts tears in his eyes. My dream is to be a singer so if i ever get the chance to sing on stage i would most definately choose this. This song reminds me so much of me and my boyfriend. I'm only 14 but i think i have found the love of my life. He's so sweet and caring and tbh i dont know what i would do without him. This song makes me think of my family and how much i love them. i just cant believe one day i'm going to lose them all. It's a heartbreaker.
I've read most of the reviews on here and most say the same thing, whereas my review is nothing really to do with the song... that's what your thinking right? well to me it's an inspirational song and it really makes me think of the things i have and maybe what i will have one day. For some reason this memory of me listening to this song is wedged in my head.
I'm sorry for making this review seem really long and pointless, but when you read it/ if you read it, please consider how much a 3 minute song can actually mean something to someone.
I suppose what i'm trying to say is: it's a great song, i've got much love for it. <3

where ever you will gooo(8) | Reviewer: LGBT group | 9/30/11

Omg I love this song. I'm a girl I'm bisexual and nearly 2 years ago I had to break up with the girl of my dreams for our compications ): we are friendss.. she's pregnant and has a bad bf :/ I sing this to in my mind and we still love each other. But the past is the only thing stopping us get back together. I actually got up in front of her and her parents (against gay ppl) they hated tht we were goin out.. but I got up and sang this to her (": .. this is a great song......... On another subject. The person that wrote about having a type of Cancer. I feel so bad x I dnt believe in god but god bless ur body. Sending you wands of energy. I think u shld tell ur partner about what u sed on here. Soon so u get to see that smile xx